Chapter 3

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[I'm not a tennis player, I just enjoyed the drama and wanted to write this, so, many stuff might be very wrong!]

"You said you had a goal. What is it?" Yi Qing asks while Lu Jia was getting some drinks "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

"I'm not embarrassed about it."

"No, it's not that. I mean, if you don't want to tell me, I won't ask."

"I want to beat him fair and square." Lu Jia sighs at his words before giving the drinks to the two

"But for that, something has to change about you Lu Xia. Now, let's go because we need to eat and make our homework." The twins then leave, leaving Qi Ying alone with a small smile 

"If dad asks to play, warn me, I wanna see you lose again." The girl smirks before her brother hits the back of her neck 


It was finally the day of the match between Yan Zhiming and Lu Xia. Lu Jia was sitting next to Qiao Chen and Xinglong watching the game.

"Yan Zhiming serves first."

"If he wins this game, Lu Xia will enter the first team." 

"Lu Xia will win, that's why you lost to him." Lu Jia smirks as Qiao Chen glared at her and Xinglong tried not to laugh

"But Yan is really formidable. He's been in the first team for half a year." Xinglong says with a smile as Yan starts the first serve, getting a point a little after

"Aren't you a little scared he might lose?" Qiao Chen asks

"No, I know Lu Xia will win, he'll have to fight of course, but he will win." She answers praying to every God, that what she said is correct

After some minutes, Yan was naming all of Lu Xia's hits, etc.

"Your strategy..."

"It may be helpful to you."

"No, it's not." Lu Jia snickers as Zhuo Zhi sits next to her and her brother walks to the back of the court

"How arrogant." Yan says

"He will not give up like this." Zhuo Zhi says 

"Did you also see that one?" 

"That's beyond my expectations."

"Why is Lu Xia playing like this?" Xinglong asks

"He's getting angry." Qiao Chen and Lu Jia say at the same time

"Yan is really tall."

"So are you and you lost." Lu Jia says quickly

"Anyways, he's like a wall to Lu Xia." Qiao Chen says glaring at the girl again

"Lu Xia will find a way." Zhuo Zhi says as Lu Jia agrees with him, Lu Xia then hit a high ball but Yan hit it back, earning himself a point

"That one was good. Estimating my height and stretch, you can always hit the ball to an unexpected position. Your skill is better than mine. But... No matter how many good shots you make, I can always hit the ball back when I can estimate the drop points. I have to admit, you will be a main player someday. But this time... I will win." Yan says as he readjusted his glasses

"It's good to be here. I can beat so many master players." Lu Xia says chuckling as they went back to the match, when suddenly, Lu Xia started using the split step that his sister taught him

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