You Meet Their Parents

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"Hey babe are you ready to go?" you hear you boyfriend Niall call from downstairs. You smoothed out your dress one last time as you stared in the mirror at yourself. You were wearing some nice pearl earrings, some light pink heels, to compliment your nice pink dress you were wearing, ( In media section). "Yeah." you said as you grabbed you purse off of the dresser and made your way out of your bedroom. You slowly descended the stairs with the help of the banister which half of your weight was pretty much balanced on. "Oh my gosh these heels are tall." you laughed as you finally got down to the bottom step and looked up from your shoes to see Nial sitting on the couch.....not ready to go. His clothes were all on the wooden floor leading to the couch, and Niall was in nothing but pajama bottoms and a sweat shirt. You picked each item of clothing up one by one as you walked over to him. You picked up his tie which was on the arm rest of the couch. "Niall....what's wrong?" you asked concerned as you sat down beside him. "I...i just don't want .....nevermind." he said darting his eyes away from yours. "Niall James Horan." you said and he chuckled and then looked at your smiling, concerned, and welcoming face. " If anyone is going to get embaressed it will be me." you said knowing exactly why he didn't want to take you to meet his parents. He always thought that his mom or his brother would embaress him. Which you were scared of when you took Niall to meet your parents and he coaxed you through it and eventually you went and you were embaressed. But Niall always told an embaressing story about his childhood so that the blush on your cheeks would dissappear no matter how much he loved it when you blushed, and never wanted it to go away. "Niall, remember when we went to meet my parents?" you asked him. And he looked down at his hands and smiled. "Yeah." he said. You gently handed him his clothes and he took them from you and stared at them for a little bit. Then you rested your chin on his shoulder after kissing his cheek. "Thanks, really." he said as he scootched forward a little to look you in the eyes. You smiled and he pulled you into a hug. You both went to his parents house and you all went out to a fancy resteraunt. After dinner you all sat around telling stories. When Niall's mom began to show pictures of Niall in the bathroom and you quickly pulled out your phone and showed you baby picture of you in the bathtub which you had taken from your baby album before you left the house, just in case something like this were to happen. Niall exchanged a warm smile at you from across the room while his family was now laughing at your picture. And although you were embaressed, Niall understood that you would do anything for him no matter the cost and loved you more than ever for it.


"Ok so don't tell my mom you don't like her cooking, don't walk on her carpet with shoes on, don't tell my sisters you love their clothes or else we will be there all day talking about clothes and...-." Zayn said as he kept his eyes on the road. "Zayn!" you screamed while laughing, he usually didn't talk like this, he was usually laid back but you guess it was nerves over you meeting his parents. "We have been talking about these 'rules' since last night." you reminded him, he looked over at you for a second from the driver seat and then back at the road. " i know i know, Y/N it's just. I really want my mom to like you and i guess....with my past girlfriends so many things went wrong and i don't want that to happen for you." he said. D'awwwww you thought as you smiled warmly to yourself because he cared about you this much. And wait......did this mean you two would be together forever? You decided not to just jump into it and say that, maybe he would prove that to you later. "Just calm down babe." you said as your car came to a stoplight and you looked at Zayn and placed your hand on his to relax him. "How can i relax if i have a grogeous girlfriend and a mom who might.... well fall so in love with her like i have so that if we even did fight once, my mom would run and try to protect me?" Zayn said and huffed out a sigh, then took away his hand from under yours and rested it back on the steering wheel beginning to drive again."Zayn you wanna know why that won't happen?" you asked him. He didn't say anything but just kept facig forward. " I'm not your old girlfriends and the way that they left you is what drove your mom to protect you. I understand why she feels she has to protect you, in fact i don't blame her. So, if i must prove to her that i would never do that to you and it takes months or even years then i will do just that." you said. "You know what? i am not even worried anymore." Zayn said as he pulled up into the driveway and leaned over to kiss you. Then you got out the car in your strapless orange dress and brown heels ( In media section) confident you would convince Zayn's mom and dad that you truly loved Zayn and would never hurt them. Zayn gently wrapped his arm around your waist and you both strolled over to the front door. You were greeted by his father who welcomed you into the house. You remembered Zayn's rules and quickly took off your shoes and placed them next to the door. Zayn went ahead to hug his sisters and mom. His dad gently placed his hand on your back and guided you to the living room where everyone was. You immediatley were met with cold stares. Zayn noticed and gave you a look that you knew meant he was serious about this relationship and would show it to his mother if need be. "i really like your outfit." Zayn's sister said as you sat down in one of the chairs. Zayn ahemed loudly and you looked at him and he shook his hand frantically not wanting you to respond to what she said or else you would be here all day. You shrugged your shoulders as you saw no other way to engage in conversation with the family if you didn't talk about fashion. Although you ended up spending more than Zayn wanted with the family, he saw how quickly it took for his mom to warm up to you and in the end he didn't mind, because he was loving the scene between you and the girls of his family sharing beauty tips and secrets together. And it is safe to say that you definitley did convince his mum that you were the right one for Zayn.

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