Yandere Kanato X Satan Spawn Uke Male Reader ( Diabolik Lovers )

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Previously On Cheater Laito Sakamaki X Satan Spawn Uke Male Reader...

M/N P.O.V:
I wake up in a slightly unfamiliar room...
I turn to my left to see the corpse of my dead ex. I quickly spin around to have a certain someone's teddy shoved in my face. A cold hand traces my cheek, only to receive a painful smack. A few milliseconds later I am pulled into the lap of a certain bipolar vampire. I hear soft sobbing as Senpai ( Kanato ) crushes the life out of me. " That bastard... THAT BASTARD! HE HURT YOU! YOU! MY BELOVED M/N! HE DESERVED EVERY MINUTE OF TORTURE I GAVE HIM! " Instead of running or acting scared, I blushed as red as Yui's blood. The way his nails dug into my skin... ( Masochistic Kink. Pretty sure it ain't a thing but fuck it this is my book. For the readers UvU ) I moaned in pleasure as he also began to choke me ( Choking Kink. It is real. ). He leans into my neck, taking a harsh bite. The pleasure surely was intense. He slowly grinds upwards animalisticly. " Daddy~  " ( Daddy Kink. O-O ) In a flash my clothes are ripped of, flipped onto my stomach, my ass high in the air. I felt a collar attach to my neck. Arching my back as I feel strong currents of electricity run through my body. I see Teddy placed in front of my face. ( Can you guess what is gonna happen? ). I feel Kanato's hot breath fan my ear. " Teddy feels a little... Left out. Won't you pleasure him? " ( Considering that Teddy is a teddy bear you guys may be slightly disturbed. ) I crawl forward slightly, eye level with Teddy's you - know - where - that - thing - is - supposed - to - be place. I gently sucked on that spot, moaning while I did. While doing so, Kanato slowly thrusted himself inside of me. We both let out a breathy moan. It only took a few seconds for him to pound in me like there was no fucking tommorow. We moaned, groaned and screamed. ( Just want you guys to know, they moved onto Laito's dead body while doing this... So yeah... ) We both came, cum pouring down my thighs. We panted heavily. Subaru crashed into the room. Blushing at the site of sexy naked Reader - Chan~ Kanato growled loudly. Subaru then spoke with both embarrassment and fury. " Did you have to be that fucking loud! But... I can forgive you... If you share M/N... " "FUCK NO! " You best be careful Reader - Chan, you have Tsundere after your thiccc ass~ The P.O.V is really fucked up in this chapter.

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