(Qynka) whatever liminal stage between life and death you want to call this

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Qynka wakes up in a hospital bed. She doesn't remember falling asleep or coming here, wherever this is. She doesn't recognize this bed or this room. Everything smells weird and her body hurts and there's a low tide of danger still ebbing from the base of her brain, but it dissipates immediately as she reads the inscription painted on the wall across from her: Healing is so weird. One day your not fine, and then one day you are

She doesn't remember how she got here but that's OK. Maybe it's for the best. Maybe they do that on purpose. Why focus on the negative. Focus only on the positive, the present, the now. Overthinking will destroy your vibe. Breathe and let go

As soon as she saw Daddy at the wedding reception she knew: This is finally it. It's all happening. What he had promised her all along. A new arc, a new opportunity unlike anything else in the history of Wood2. A sorrowful, tragic death that would be remembered forever, followed by a rebirth, an acceleration, a triumphant introduction to a brand new way of being. Today was Day 1.

She had swum through so much garbage to get to this point. Practically groveling at the FineHome. Trying to force any sort of positive feelings towards the practically personality-avoidant Azelbeth. The endless hashing out of terms and deals with Alikatase, the only one with a brain in that clan. Alikatase understood perfectly well what the outrage over their families merging after such a long feud would earn both her and her daughters.

They understood this for what it was: an opportunity to create drama and blow minds. Imagine: one of the Qrasshiclan twins, immediately after killing one of the Superfine Trio, replaces her in the family. Succeeding her, against all odds, by falling in love and marrying a sister. Once she understood the sweeping vision of it, Alikatase practically drafted the wedding vows. She saw the angles, and exercised a strong hand in warming Azelbeth to the idea. The first few hours and days had been icy, rocky. Qynka spent so many hours inside their dumb mansion, just looking at her screen, hanging out with Anhedine while they waited for Azelbeth and her mother to stop screaming at each other. But the longer Qynka waited inside FineHome, the more inexorably the rumor about the union started to build, until everyone not only accepted the idea but shared in the belief of its inevitability.

Anhedine was weirdly immediately on board. But she had always kind of hated Arkkelina. Well, hated everyone in her family, actually. And once Qynka and Anhedine had started hanging out Azelbeth came around fast. Can't have Anhedine and Qynka actually start getting close and cut her out of the loop. Part of Qynka wondered if Anhedine would actually be a fun person to date. But she was the least dramatic person in the SuperFine family and it just wouldn't work for the purposes of this arc. Azelbeth and Arkkelina had been so close, so the narrative would cut more deeply.

And so the deal was adopted, agreed to, and they started leaking things to the fandoms. They each dropped rumors knowing their fandoms would run with them. And it all grew from there, just like Daddy said it would: the fandom anticipating the news of Qynkazel well before it was real on any kind of emotional level.

Qynka and Azelbeth did have sex, OK. Qynka was only human, and bored, and continually horny, despite the circumstances. Might as well. She hadn't had sex with anyone since Lamantine anyway. Sex with Azelbeth had been: weird, as expected. Like having sex with a smoothie. It just kind of got everywhere and you had a slight headache and a vaguely unsatisfying hunger afterward.

Sex with Lamantine had been so much more: emotional, visceral, everything. The way their bodies just fit together. And their fingers and tongues and thighs always knew exactly where to be. But that was all gone.

And the wedding had gone amazingly, a genuinely beautiful and fun day, with the highlight being her spotlight dance with Qannen. The perfect ending of one arc, anticipating the perfect beginning of a new one. This new storyline that would hopefully make up for every problem Qynka had caused her sister over the past few seasons. Qannen wouldn't have to carry the burden of their celebrity anymore. Qynka would stop being the boring twin, the safe twin - now they would both be weird and crazy and interesting in their own ways. Qynka still felt a little guilty about embarking on this arc without telling Qannen. It would be hard at first, an adjustment to a new mode of sisterhood, but Qannen would see eventually, that Qynka had done all this for her, and that it would all be worth it.

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