Chapter 53-Mile High Club

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Bedroom in Sullivan's Jet---->

Chapter 53

Mile High Club

Sullivan’s POV

When we stop in front of my jet Rowan raises a brow but doesn’t comment thankfully. We climb out and the security I hired for the trip comes out the jet and takes our luggage that I packed earlier into the jet as we slowly follow. I didn’t want Swanson and Markesan around, not because I don’t like them but because it’s too casual. These guys will pretend they don’t hear or see anything we do. That’s what I need, I don’t want Swanson and Markesan snickering and sharing amused looks. Plus they have partners to spend time with.

“Can I know where we’re going now?” Rowan asks and I shake my head.

“Not yet babe, don’t worry I got this.” I say while pulling him into the bedroom and closing the door behind us.

“Oh, are we joining the mile high club?” He asks excitedly making me roll my eyes.

“As if you aren’t already a member.” I grumble and he pushes me onto the bed making me yelp in surprise.

“I'm not actually though I've always wanted to be.” He says while kissing my neck.

“Are you serious?” I moan out as he snakes his hands over my shirt.

“Dead serious.” He says before pulling my shirt open making the buttons go flying.

“Rowan, we should wait until we take off.” I say as he kisses down my chest while unbuckling my pants.

“I have time for a little fun. It’s a thank you for the party.” He says while pulling my slacks and briefs down making my erection spring free.

I moan when he licks the slit of my shaft before taking me into his mouth. My hand flies to his hair as his head bobs up and down slowly, teasing me. His hand glides up my chest and he pinches my nipple making me moan at the pleasurable pain. I thrust up into his mouth quickly but he pins my hips down to the bed using his forearm making me groan.

“Oh fuck.” I hiss when he swallows around me. “I'm going to cum.”

All he does is suck harder as my legs stiffen. I bite my lip while pulling his hair making him moan around my dick. My eyes close tightly as he plays with my sac and sucks me quickly. I curl my toes in effort to not cum because I didn’t get permission yet. Rowan slides his hands under me and squeezes my ass roughly making me moan.

“P-please, let me cum Master.” I beg and he licks my shaft slowly.

“Cum for me.” He says before sucking on the tip as I explode into his mouth.

“Ahh.” I moan loudly as he sucks and licks me clean.

“That’s just a preview of what I'm going to do to you.” He says huskily while kissing up my chest.

“I can’t wait.” I pant making him chuckle while pulling my briefs and pants back up.

“Let’s get you into a shirt and go buckle up.” He says while pulling me into a sitting position.

I buckle my slacks as he walks over to the suitcases the security left and pulls out a shirt. Standing up I shrug off my broken button up and lift my arms when he motions for me to. He tugs the shirt over my head and pulls it down my torso. I smile up at him making him lean down and peck my lips before leading me out the bedroom and towards the main cabin just in time as the pilot tells us to buckle up.

“So if I can’t know where we’re going, may I know how long it will take to get there?” Rowan asks while buckling my seat belt.

“It’ll take a few hours.” I say evasively making him roll his eyes.

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