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A warrior that has seen terrible things, that's been in countless near-death experiences. YOU, having gone through so many things beforehand, and yet you still have something left to finish.

A long time ago, facing many foes. Creatures seemingly from hell, powerful beasts throughout the land. Legend saying a 'celestial' beast being slain many years ago by this warrior. Many different journals labeled "Official" from this warrior have spread around, but no one was able to prove they were completely true.

Years ago, the warrior battled against many foes. Their earliest instance theorized to have been the 'Celestial Guardian'. Back then, villages were pointless as these powerful creatures came in and wiped everything. Back then, there was no blacksmiths or easy ways to obtain weaponry. You had to fend for yourself.

Back then, life was in no aspects easy. Having to rely on yourself entirely, meant you had to learn how to hunt, defend yourself, and survive all on your with no guidance. Over time people started socializing, teaching each-other new methods in fighting. Towns attempted to be made, but always ending in failure due to one reason; monsters.

There was no reliable way of getting rid of them, and so many people settling down in one spot for longer than a week was a guaranteed disaster waiting to happen. Because of this, people were constantly on the move. Everyone had decided to split up into 2 big groups, not distancing very far from each other, but not close enough to cause everything to be destroyed in one attack.

The warrior, who wasn't originally a part of the main group had came across the two groups. While not being a part of the groups, the warrior would supply both groups with these unheard of materials and minerals. People always asked them "why", but they were never answered. Continuing to be supplied with these things, everything was going fine, stronger weapons being made, more food being both farmed and hunted, until. A super beast came.

Hoards of monsters came flooding in towards both groups. Every day the civilians lived in fear, constantly on the lookout for potential danger. No matter how many were killed, more of these strange creatures kept coming. Eventually everyone became doubtful of any chance of survival, never having a single day to plan out or think of any solutions to the sudden chaos that had just started.

In panic, a decision was made. Both groups were to form into one again, grab weapons and anything else that was required to survive, and evacuate the area. Over the next week, every day was usually: Wake up and begin traveling until a certain amount needed a break, find a viable resting point and then go out and find food to bring back to cook. After resting for a usually short amount of time, begin traveling again until it started getting dark out. Of course it wasn't that easy, all of this traveling was also filled with fighting off monsters, which made progress slower.

Eventually after a few weeks of traveling, they had gotten far enough away so that there wasn't any chaos going on. Now was their time to strategize on the next move they were going to make. At this point, the warrior actually spoke up. "Everyone should keep going, i'll stay behind and try to find the source to all of this."

People protested, saying that the warrior should stay with them as they're the strongest of them all, but also another portion saying that things won't change unless something is done. Eventually, most of the group agreed to let him go as they still had people who were capable of defending them, it just wouldn't be as reliable. The warrior had now started work on preparing before going back. After many preparations over the span of 3 days, it was finally time for the warrior to go back and find what was causing this outburst of creatures to appear.

Almost 4 months later

On a cold afternoon, the warrior found an oddly large group of monsters around this strange building. After managing to clear the area from the powerful creatures, the warrior noticed a strange red stone with a blue symbol in the middle. The warrior, sensing a negative aura around the stone decided to leave it alone for now, but didn't go too far from it. A few days go by and after preparing for the worst, the warrior swung their pickaxe and broke the stone..

Suddenly, the ground began shaking and the shattered pieces of the stone lit up. A beam of light came down, and right in front of the warrior. The super beast awoken.

Flames emitted and the forest caught on fire, slowly burning down as the warrior fought the beast. As the fight goes on, slowly getting more and more hits on the beast, the warrior swings but misses, allowing the beast to attack the warrior from behind, knocking the warrior to the ground. Assuming this was it, that there was no way this was survivable, slowly getting back on their feet as the beast slowly makes its way closer. The warrior, despite the situation prepares to attack one last time. Dashes towards the guardian and stabs it directly in the heart, the sword going right through it's body. The guardian falls to the ground as the sky began to clear. It was over.

After the Celestial Guardian was slain, the amount of deadly creatures had plummeted. After a few days the group that was still traveling, noticed the large decrease of monsters, they wondered if the warrior had succeeded.

Over time, living conditions had slowly gotten better and better. Better materials to work with, better defenses, and new ways of fighting being discovered. With this, towns and villages began rising back up, people having the ability to finally settle down and live at peace.

Things were going good, people were evolving, advancing in all aspects. Finally after such a long time, things were back to normal, but the warrior was never to be seen again.

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