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Jasmine's pov

"My name is... My name is" I stuttered
"Sorry,my name is Jasmine Cyprus" I said in my British accent.
"Okay then,you are welcome to SS2Platinum, I am your class and biology teacher Mr Stephen , just take a sit somewhere".

I scanned the class looking for a seat, there was one beside a girl who looked like the "Queen b" . As I approached the seat I was silently praying she was nice and would not embarrass me or something.

   Murmurs and side talk like "Omo see as she fine ; they will sample this one before the end of next week; OMG see how long her hair is ; mehnnn..." filled my ears as I was walking.
Some girls were just looking at me with disgust.

Gosh why are people like this , I rolled my eyes.

As I got to the seat , the girl immediately put her bag on the chair. She eyed me up and down and said in a mean manner " um this seat is reserved " .

  "Irritating piece of shit" I muttered.
I looked around and saw a girl waving and smiling at me , I moved towards her and she pointed at the seat beside her for me to sit, I sat and she said in an irking manner " Hiiiii My name is Sarah Williams" . I scrunched my nose and nodded. She must have gotten that I didn't want to have a conversation because she didn't say anything again even though I knew she wanted to say more.

   The class was going on smoothly until a guy walked into the class like he owned the place midway during the lesson.
    "Excuse me Mr man, where do you think you are coming from" the teacher asked sternly.
  " I had an appointment" he said deadpanned.
  " Oh it was today" the man's face changed immediately
" just take a sit"

Okayyy I'm curious now, what just happened, what's up with this guy , numerous thoughts were just swarming into my head.

  The mean bitch that didn't allow me to seat beside her called the guy excitedly " Feranmi, Feranmi come sit here with me , I reserved a seat for you"

      " Desperadhoe" I said in my head.

     " I don't like her too, she's so bitchy, she keeps throwing herself at my brother"
    I turned to look at the Sarah girl , I must have said that out loud .
So the guy was her brother , I just hummed and turned to face the teacher.
  I didn't want to seem really interested even the guy was really really hot , God definitely took his time to make him.
  I quickly shook away the thought, I didn't want to get involved with these set of  specie called "boys"

     I let out a sigh of relief immediately the bell was rung for lunch break. The classes had been so tired with the different teachers asking me to introduce myself, ugh can't they just leave me.

     The mathematics teacher was currently finishing off the solution to a math problem and I just wanted to scream "GET OUT" at him , it took me every energy in my body not to do so.  I really hated maths even though I was really good at it .

      Immediately the man left the class , there was yells of " Hallelujah, thank God, ah this man is very wicked oo..." from different parts of the class, I guess I wasn't the only one exhausted.

    "Argh!!! This man is so annoying, I didn't even understand anything he explained" Sarah whined.
  I just chuckled and placed my head on my table.

  "Do you want me to give you a tour of the school? Or do you want me to take you to the cafeteria?" Sarah asked.

     I was legit screaming "LEAVE ME!!!" 

  I sighed and said with a tight smile " thanks but no , I am waiting for my sister"

Where is Amy ?

Her face dropped in disappointment for a split second before it morphed into a thin smile and she said " okay then I'll talk to you later" and she left the class.

   I was about to put head back on my table when I noticed a presence in the class .
   It was Sarah brother um what's his name again? Feranmi yes feranmi

  He was just staring at the white board with a blank look on his face.
It was kinda creepy . What the hell is wrong with him.

" Jasmine!!!" Someone shouted my name , startling and bringing me out of my thoughts.

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