Chapter 1

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After entering the 'Northern End Cave' at the end of a three months journey, Grid was able to witness the overwhelming sight of all types of battle gear piled up like a mountain.

"Wow, what is this?"

The names of the brilliant battle gear were in a colorful mix of green, yellow, and purple. If he took only a few of these, he would become a rich man! He wanted to take all the battle gear, but it was impossible.

[This item can't be obtained.]

"How stingy and dirty."

There were items that couldn't be acquired despite them being right in front of him! When Grid put it in his bag, it would return to its original spot like a mirage. This situation was like that of a pie in the sky or a woman who was already married. No, a married woman was still different from a pie in the sky, as one could still obtain a married woman if one tried hard enough.

In the end, Grid could only stare at the items with longing and regret.

'Indeed... If a user could obtain all of these, Satisfy's economic balance might crumble. Unfortunately, I understand.'

In the first place, he didn't come here for the battle gear. Grid soothed his mind and turned his attention away from the pile of battle gear. There was an old book placed on a shiny gold table.


All the hardships he experienced while coming here passed through his mind. Laughter emerged from his mouth as his nose became runny and tears dripped down from his eyes. Thankfully, Grid had patience and tenacity. Otherwise, he would've quit the game because of the terrible difficulty of the quest. He felt great pride at the thought of clearing this quest.

"Kukuk... Puhahahat!! I finally found it!! Oh, yehhhhhh!"

It was a damn S-grade quest that was impossible to give up! Incidentally, how many deaths had he experienced on this solo quest? How many items had been destroyed due to having no more durability?!

Pagma, a human blacksmith who transcended the skills of a dwarf, had achieved the culmination of god-like techniques!

The face of Earl Ashur, who made Grid visit one of the Eternal Kingdom's five forbidden zones, popped into Grid's head.

"If I bring this to him, can I get the Sun Sword? Once I get it, no one can match me for the rest of my life, you bastards! I will make you pay for hitting me!"

Pleasure surged like a tide as Grid picked up the book.

[You have acquired the legendary craftsman's rare book!]

[It isn't in a proper state. You can check the details using the Eye of Pallalian.]

[Do you want to use the Eye of Pallalian?]

"Eye of Pallalian? A high-end appraisal item is needed to check the item?"

Eye of Pallalian was the most expensive among the existing appraisal items. Six months ago, Grid had bought it just in case he got a jackpot. Sadly, he couldn't use it, and it was left in his inventory.

"I don't want to miss a golden opportunity..."

Grid put the appraisal on hold and examined the golden table. He wondered if there was a way to take this gold away, but it wouldn't budge. Kicking, pulling, and even biting it was useless.

Like the battle gear, it was an item that users couldn't own.

"Ah, I really can't salvage anything because of this effective system. The price of my three months of work is very high."

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