part 1- I'm (not) Okay

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alrightie, this is a new frerard story :3 i guess it turned out pretty bad, but i'll appreciate it if you read it.

Emptiness. That was what he felt, yes. He was empty inside. Hate. Misery. Pain. That was all he felt, all the time.

“Are you okay there buddy?” his little loved brother Mikey asked.

 “I’m fine. Go to your room now.” Gerard answered, but Mikey kept standing beside him. “NOW!” Gerard demanded. Mikey sighed and looked at his brother concerned. “Gee, just please don’t do anything you might regret… I love and I need you, the REAL you.” After Mikey said that he went up to his room, leaving his poor big brother alone.

 As soon as he heard Mikey’s door closing, he got up on his feet, took a bottle of scotch out of the alcohol closet, got out of the big wooden front door and hurried to his favorite place to be alone, the local cemetery.

Gerard entered the large metal cemetery gate. It was so old, it was there for probably more than 300 years.  Gerard sat next to a big gravestone, popped open the bottle and started drinking it as fast as he could.

 “Oh, I’m sorry Mikey, please don’t be angry.” He mumbled as he was drinking. By the time he finished his bottle, his mind was completely fucked up.

“Hey watcha’ doing there buddy? Mikey won’t like it!” the big rock said to him. “Leave me you fuck! I came here to be alone!” he screamed at the rock, waving his bottle in every possible direction. The rock laughed loudly. Gerard threw the empty glass bottle on it and it finally shut up.

Gerard tried to get up, but as he did he fell to the ground, his head hitting the gravestone. He started giggling like a retard. “That’s not polite, gravy!” he laughed. “Gravy, that’s funny. That’s how I’m going to call you from now on!” he pointed at the bloody gravestone.

Gerard kept lying there, until he decided to try and get up again, but his body failed him and once again, he found himself on the ground, laughing his ass off for no fucking reason. He tried to pull his body up again, but he just passed out and fell to the ground, again. He was laying there, unconsciousness, pieces of glass and drops of blood around him. If anyone would see it, it would probably look like a murder scene.

“Gee, do you remember where I put my notebooks?” no answer was heard. “Gerard?” Mikey went downstairs; Gerard wasn’t where he left him. “Gee?! Gerard where the fuck are you????!!!!!” he kept running around the house searching for his brother. “Where the fuck did he go now…..” Mikey said, shaking his head.

 Gerard woke up in the cemetery the next morning, the blood and the glass around him. “Oh fuck….. He got up, rubbing his acing head with his hands. “What the fuck happened?” he asked himself as he saw the splashes of blood and shreds of glass that were lying around him.

He sat on the gravestone, his heart breaking, but he wasn’t crying, no. Gerard never cried, he was strong and too heroic to cry. But with all that, he was also very sensitive. He needed a release. The pain was too much for him.

He let out a loud scream, waving his arms to the sides, his heart crumbling into tiny little pieces every second.

“I HATE IT!!!! I HATE EVERYTHING!!! CAN’T STAND THIS FUCKING LIFE! FUCK OFF, FUCK EVERYONR, AND FUCK LIVING!” he yelled, kicking the bloody gravestone with his worn out converse.

“FRANK! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!” Mikey yelled at his phone. “I CAN’T FIND GERARD ANYWHERE!!!” Mikey was shaking and hardly breathing. “Relax Mikes!!! I’m on my way, we’ll find him.” Frank got up and hurried towards the door. He put on his old, black pair of converse. He shut the door behind him and started running towards Gerard and Mikey’s house. He was half way there when he got to the local cemetery which was between their houses. He noticed someone in the cemetery, sitting on a bloody gravestone with his head buried in his hands, blood and glass surrounding him. Wait… could it….?! OH MY GOD it IS him.