Chapter 2

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[I'm not a tennis player, I just enjoyed the drama and wanted to write this, so, many stuff might be very wrong!]

"This question is from the other day. You've all seen it, right? I will check your answers. Those who fail will have to stay after school." The teacher says before looking at Lu Xia who was sleeping "Lu Xia. Answer this question." The boy gets up while his sister smirks before Qi Ying showed him the answer

"The answer is 'One-third times the cube root of X. Wake up.'" He reads the paper making everyone giggle

"You know you should wake up? Stay after school." The teacher says while Lu Jia was holding her laugh


Mu and Lu Jia were walking together to the courts talking about earlier.

"You were lucky you weren't the one answering, otherwise, Qi Ying wouldn't have gave you the answer." She says snickering

"Lu Xia hasn't come out yet?"

"He's probably changing." She answers 

"Hi! Can we practice here?" Mu asks Xiuwen who nods

"Okay, follow me." The two follow the boy to find Huang Jing there

"Are you here to practice? You have to pass the test to practice during non-practice time."

"Let's go find another court Mu." Lu Jia says glaring at the boy 

"Wait, don't you wanna know the test?" Mu asks while holding her pulse

"Fine." She sighs

"The rule is simple. If you strike that can ten times, then you can get ten drinks."

"It's a good deal."

"What if we strike it 100 times, you'll give us 1000 drinks?" The girls asks smirking

"You probably won't be able to hit it once." The boy says smirking as well

"You start Mu. I have to go stretch up a bit." She says with a smile before going away to do so.



When Lu Jia comes back, Huang Jing was bullying Mu. Angry, she grabs her racket and ball before knocking the can down revealing the stones.

"You again?" He yelled out but Xiuwen stopped him

"You lost to her brother twice."

"Liar! There are stones inside the can!" Another ball hits the can, this time it was Lu Xia and then Lu Jia again then Lu Xia just carried on with hitting them

"Kids. How dare you guys strike my can?"

"I taught you how to play last time. Haven't you learn?" Lu Xia asks him making the girl laugh

"What did you say? Do you want to be beaten up? You-"

"What are you doing?" Mu asks and then another ball hits the can making the five turn around to see Qiao Chen

"Whoa! I hit it on the first try. We have such a good court. You shouldn't fool around like this." Qiao Chen says walking to them

"Qiao Chen." Huang Jing says with a small smile

"The freshmen are so passionate about practicing, you shouldn't bully them like this."

"Yeah." Mu and Lu Jia say

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