My life as singing

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I was born in Cojimar, Cuba. I went to Mexico for 5 years of my life before moving to U.S. I have a younger sister named Sofia. My birthday is on March 3, 1997. ( 18 years old) I was 6 years old when I was in U.S. My mom side from the family is from Cuba. My dad side of the family is from Mexico. I'am Cuban -American- Mexican. When I grew up I was shy and I was not really confident of myself and I was shy to be in the stage. Sometimes my fans always says that where did I got that dress or where I got this, well my aunt she really into fashion like she will take me to the mall and buy this type of dress that I never thought of. She was the best and my mom is really good making hair style and put makeup on me. I think ally mom is really good making fashion of dresses. My height is 5'2. My weight is 107lbs. My shoe size is 7. I am Mezzo- Soprano. I have 4 friends that sings with me. Those friends are Ally, Normani, Lauren, and Dinah. Include me (Camila Cabello)

I started to sing Miss Movin" On as the first album "Better Together". Before The X Factor I was nervous to sing in front of people. The Better Together album was released in October 22, 2013.

In few years we started a new album "Reflection". It was released in January 30, 2015. This are the songs from the new album: reflection, top down, bo$$, sledgehammer, everlasting love, worth it, this is how we roll, them girls be like, brave, honest, beautiful, like Mariah, going nowhere, suga mama, body rock, we know. This is the songs for the new album reflection.

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