Meeting Harry

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~2 Years Ago~


Elizabeth was sleeping up in Ron and hers room when she heard yelling from her mum downstairs.

She quickly threw on one of Ron's sweatshirts and put on her fuzzy slipper boots. She had on some white joggers as well.

She couldn't hear what they were saying until she got closer. She quietly peeked down.

"They were starving him Mum! They put bars on his windows!" Ron said. She was curious as to who, what exactly did her brother get himself into this time.

"You'd best hope I don't put bars on yours and Elizabeth's window, Ronald Weasley!" Her mind replied. Elizabeth's eyes widened, she couldn't put bars on their window! She liked to point out the constellations in the sky.

"Care for a spot of tea Harry?" Molly questioned towards Harry. Harry let out a small nod and Molly went to fix some tea. Elizabeth figured it was safe to go down, or she could go lay back in bed...

She decided to go down.

She walked down the stairs and stopped when she saw an unfamiliar boy. She had not met anyone other than her family so she was pretty shy.

Luckily Ron saw her and smiled. He absolutely loved Elizabeth, she was his favorite sibling over all. She never got on his nerves like the others and they grew up closer than the rest.

"Oh, Harry! This is my honorary twin sister Elizabeth." Ron said walking over to her and hold out his hand so she could find some comfort. She took it and she smiled softly at Harry. Unbeknownst to Ron he blushed a little bit.

"Nice to meet you Elizabeth." He said holding out his hand in a formal hand shake. She's never been good with hand shakes so she softly grabs his hand and shakes it. She's a little more of a cuddler so that also applies that she likes to give hugs.

"Nice to meet you too Harry." She said with a soft voice.

Ron went to speak but was interrupted by Fred and George after they came back in when the heard another voice.

"Ellie-bear!" Fred yelled waking up Percy and Ginny who hadn't woken up to Molly's screaming.

"Lizzy!" George yelled running to her and picking her up in a hug. She giggled when Fred joined the hugs as well. She hugged them both back and she was set back upon the floor.

Everyone in her family had a different nickname for her other than her mom and Percy, they liked her full name.

Harry and Ron were chuckling at the girl stuck in between them. Her height was pretty short compared to the rest so it was quite funny. Harry was wondering why she hasn't gone to school if she was Ron's age but decided not to question it just yet.

George went and opened the door when he heard a knock.

"Dads home!"

"What a night! Nine Raids! Nine!" He exclaimed walking in the room.

Harry turns to Ron and Elizabeth.


"Dad works at the ministry of magic." Ron began

"In the misuse of muggle artifacts office" Elizabeth finished.

"That's when Wizards bewitch something to drive Muggles mad; Shrinking door keys, that kind of thing. Thinks there fascinating." Ron explains.

Mr. Weasley turns towards Harry after hanging up his coat.

"Well now. Who might you be?"

"Harry, sir. Harry Potter.

"Good lord, are you really? Ron's told us all about you, of course. When did you get here?"

"This morning, your sons flew that enchanted car over to Surrey house and back last night." Molly grumbled answering her husband.

Everyone had come downstairs by now. Harry was on Arthur's at the table. Ron next to him and Elizabeth by him. George was on her left and Fred on his. All the others were on the other side.

"Did you now! How'd it all go?!" He exclaimed not catching onto the part where they weren't supposed to do that, until he saw the look in Molly's eye.

"I... I mean... That was very wrong boys. Very wrong indeed. So Harry? You must know all about Muggles. Tell what exactly is the function of a parking meter?"

Meanwhile Ron and Elizabeth were talking.

"Sorry I kinda sprung Harry on you E. I really wanted to get him out of his house." Ron says, he knew she hadn't been out of the house in years, not that she minded. He couldn't imagine if someone new showed up.

"It's fine R! Truly. I am glad to meet someone new." She replied quietly. She still wasn't exactly comfortable but she's sure she'd get used to him.

Meanwhile when Harry goes to explain to Mr. Weasley about Parking Meters the family owl Errol fly smack dab into the window. They all jump.

"That must be Errol with the post. Fetch him will you, George?" Molly asks.

George carries in unconscious Errol. They were very fazed, Errol has terrible eye sight.

George grabs the letter tied to his leg.

"It's our Hogwarts letters! And look they even sent Harry's as well."

They spent the rest of breakfast talking other than Elizabeth, they noticed she was shy but they understood why. After Ron and Harry and finished eating, Ron invited her to go upstairs with them. He likes hanging out with her and he wanted to spend as much time as possible before he leaves for school.

They go up to their shared room and set up Harry a mattress on the floor with quilts and a pillow. After they are done Ron and Harry tell Elizabeth more about Hogwarts and the journey they had last year. She wished to go to Hogwarts as well but she understood why she couldn't. She needed to learn to control her other powers. That was another thing she'd hidden from Hardy, she didn't want to show him just in case.

Her and Harry got to know each other as well. Ron wanted Harry to be friends with Elizabeth as well, he wanted her to have a friend first of all and he wanted to be able to hang out with both on them. Luckily for him they did and became quick friends.

Elizabeth wanted to spend some more time with Harry and Ron but she wanted to be with her other siblings as well. She liked having sleepovers in Fred and George's room and she always laid with one of them. To her they were like giant teddy bears of brothers. She still continued lessons with Percy, She also talked with Ginny.

When it was finally time for them to leave for a school 2 new things occurred.

Elizabeth Weasley made her first friend.

Harry Potter had his first crush.



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