Chapter 4

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*After Aspyn told Morgan*

"He is soooo romantic!

"I knoww"

"Well you know what to do now.."



"Oh right!"

"I've been on your account and you've gained like 3,000 followers just because of Niall"

"Really? I doubt it's because of Niall"

"Aspyn, sorry to tell you but you're not as fabulous as you think"

"I know but how would they even know about me Niall and I?"

Morgan started looking guilty. When she's hiding something, her nose starts twitching and she doesn't make eye contact.

"Morgan I know you know something... Your face is red!"

Oh and her face turns really red when she lies.

"ALRIGHT! Paparazzi followed you on your date....."


"I don't know Aspyn! I really don't.."

"Then how do you know it was paparazzi?!!"

Morgan looked down like she was about to burst into tears.


"I told them.."


"Because I was too lazy to follow you.. I had a Netflix marathon hehehe"

I lovee her little chuckle.

"Morgan, I'm not mad at you. But I will be if you don't help me make sure nothing gets published. "



Sorry for the long wait + short chapter, I haven't really had any ideas (PLEASE COMMENT YOUR IDEAS IF YOU HAVE ANY.. I'LL GIVE YOU A SHOUTOUT) but anyway, why doesn't Aspyn want anyone to know about her and Niall? Is there a secret she's not telling? If so, will it be revealed soon? Keep reading to find out ツ

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