Note to my readers

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Hello my lovelies,

This is just a little note to all of my readers and silent readers.

I really appreciate your votes Thank you so much!!!

I wanted to point out a little info about this story, I wrote this story back in 2008, well all of my stories were written a long time ago, I just decided to go ahead and post them now for all to read. This story is my first  it was written by hand (two notebooks full) then was typed at that time on word pad. I lost the notebooks (my heart bled) then I finally got in to an old email address where this draft was saved(Yeeeey). I finally was able to open it and low an behold MS Word could not read the file(BOOOOO!!!!) So I finally got to were its jibberish on top of symbols in the middle of my whole story...sooo with that said I am editing and cleaning it and will post it all as I go.

I Thank you all for reading my work and the mad love and excellent comments on my other stories It puts a smile on my face when you guys comment.. Please!!!! I implore you to comment even if its a smiley face I will take it. If you dont want to comment on the actual page... inbox me your thoughts...

Its what drives me to do better and tells me that you like what your reading...

Again Thank you!!!

Much love!!!!!!!!!!!


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