Day 5 • 1. Wigless

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Arthit had slept like a baby last night. The bed was so soft and big and comfy. He sat up straight and stretched his body while letting out a loud yawn.

Yesterday, it had been such a strange day! The whole family got the scare of their lives when Grandma almost died, choking on a cherry. Arthit hoped the lady was recovered from the shock and had slept well.

When looking to his right, he saw the dark-brown wig which he had dumped on one of the chairs last evening.

That was the silver lining in Grandma's sad choking story; Arthit could ditch the wig. At least for this weekend. And how amazing did that feel?! No more itching on his head. Hooray!

Plus, Kongpob said that he looked good with short hair, even better than with long hair. Arthit smiled at that thought.

For a brief moment, he wondered about his sister, but after some thinking, he concluded that it wasn't really an issue. At the office, she could simply tell Kongpob that she wanted to have long hair again and would wear the wig because she wanted to. No problemo.

Arthit jumped out of bed, so ready to spend another day with his big crush.

Kongpob had been so sweet with him yesterday. The man really had it all. He was smart, successful, kind, funny, and drop-dead handsome. It was a miracle that he was still SINGLE. And let's also not forget the fact that the man was also GAY.

If he could make Kongpob like him as the person Arthisia, he could surely make the man love him like the person Arthit.

He felt butterflies tickling him in his stomach at the thought before he walked to the bathroom and hit the shower.
When he was done washing and had put on his outfit, he tried to make something of his face, thinking about Jill's makeup lessons.

About half an hour later, he looked in the mirror and he had to admit, it looked pretty great.  He patted his shoulder. Chapeau Arthit!

Today, the family will go to the pool

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Today, the family will go to the pool. Since Arthit couldn't show his half-naked body in a bikini without revealing a little too much meat between his legs, Arthisia had said that he should just tell Kongpob he couldn't swim because of "monthly lady troubles", but that he would gladly want to go to the pool to relax.

And so he did tell Kongpob, which was waaaaaayyyy awkward to do. Kongpob then had said that he could do whatever he needed and wanted this weekend. He wanted Arth to have fun.

To Arthit, it was fun, because he could picture it already. Him, lying on a bed with a cocktail in his hand, staring at the gorgeous, naked, glistening, wet torso of his handsome boss...

"Arth? I'm ready for breakfast, you wanna join me?"

Arthit snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a knock on the door and the appealing voice of the man that haunted his thoughts.

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