Chapter 2: Nobles reborn (Jack)

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Chapter 2: Nobles reborn (Jack)

"21st December..." Jack thought to himself. "Happy Birthday Snowflake." Today was Elsa's birthday. Once again, Jack found himself thinking about Elsa.

It has been about two years since he left Arrendelle. Every day, Jack finds himself thinking about the old days with Elsa.

----- FLASHBACK -----

"Come on Elsa, it will be fun!"

"Oh...fine..." Elsa sighed in defeat.

Jack was trying to get Elsa to go out of the castle for the first time in 7 years. It was her birthday and Jack wanted to take Elsa to someplace special. "Yes!" Jack pumped his fist upwards in victory.

As soon as they got out of the castle, Jack practically dragged Elsa all the way to the woods. After a small hike, they reached a pond. There. Jack and Elsa started skating as it was winter, both never felt the cold though.

Suddenly, Elsa slipped and bumped into Jack. Jack fell, while Elsa landed on top of him. Both were laughing so hard that they failed to notice how close they were to each other's face. Until Elsa stopped, Jack looked into her sparkling blue eyes. It was like instinct told him to lean in. Elsa did the same, but halfway, she stopped.

"We should get going," she said quietly, blushing.

"Yeah, we should," he replied, blushing slightly too, as he processed what almost happened.

----- END OF FLASHBACK -----

Jack smiles at the memory of how they kissed at the docks. He had been overwhelmed with joy that day.

Just then, Jack's 10 year-old-sister, Emma, ran up to him. "Jack! Jack! Let's go ice-skating!" she cried out. Jack laughed at her enthusiasm. "Alright, let's go!"

They went back to their house to get their skates. They said goodbye to their mother and then, they were off! It was a 10-minute walk to the pond, both brother and sister enjoyed it.

"Jack, who was that girl you were with at the docks in Arrendelle two years ago?" Emma asked. She had seen Jack saying goodbye to a girl with platinum blond hair, and wondered who she was. But she did not ask until now.

"Oh...," Jack blush bright red. "Um..."

"Is she your girlfriend?" Emma giggled.

"Where do you think I disappear to every night?" Jacked smirked.

"Why didn't you tell me?" she asked, half excited, half angry.

"If I did, you would babble all about it to the whole town," Jack retorted as they reached the pond. They slipped on their skates and started skating.

Emma was really unstable, so Jack took off his skates, and went off to find a stick for Emma. He found a stick, just like staff, with a G-shaped hook at one end. When he returned to the pond, Emma had skated off to the centre of the pond. He skated towards her, ignoring his skates as he like the cool surface against his bare feet.

When he had skated in front of Emma, he heard a crack, he look down and saw that the ice there was not thick enough and is starting to crack. Emma was frozen to the spot.

"Jack. I'm scared," she said, as more cracks start to form.

"No, don't be. Uh... we're gonna have a little fun instead," he said as he tried to think of something.

"No, we're not!"

"Would I trick you?"

"Yes! You always play tricks."

"No, not this time. I promise you, I promise that you're gonna be fine. You have to believe in me, ok?" She nodded.

Jack started playing hopscotch, showing his sister how to play. Soon he was safe on the thicker ice.

"Okay now it's your turn." Jack picked up the staff. "One... easy! Easy! Two ... THREE!!!" Emma was safe as Jack had pulled her away from the thin ice with the staff. He was so relieved to see Emma safe that he did not realised that he was now standing on the thin ice again. It is the exact same place Emma was on. "Jack!"

Jack fell through the ice. The last thing that was on his mind before he lost consciousness was if he would ever see Elsa again.

--- 10 DAYS LATER ---

Jack's POV

It was dark and it was cold and I was scared. Then I saw the moon. So big and so bright, it seem to chase all the shadows away from me.

"You are Jack Frost, spirit of winter," the moon said.

I have the power to control ice, snow, and frost. I can fly. Nobody sees me, nobody hears me, nobody believes in me.

I am Jack Frost. How do I know that? Because the moon told me so, that was all he ever told me.

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