The Line

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This is where he drew the line.  He had put up with and done a lot of things, but this was the end of the line.  He dropped his cell phone - that he knew contained a tracking device - on the table, followed by his gun and bluetooth headset.  The latter two he had purchased himself, but since he couldn't be sure they hadn't been tampered with, he opted to leave them behind.  The last thing he ditched were the keys to the car.  He'd figure something out later.

"What are you doing, Taylor?" Grey asked him, a deep frown on his face.

"I'm resigning," he replied firmly.  He had been willing to do a lot of things throughout his employment, but this latest request... order... was well beyond his comfort zone.  In fact, it was well outside his own moral code.  He couldn't do it.  Not if he had to live with the consequences.

Grey scowled.  "Resigning?  I forbid it."

Taylor fed him a scowl right back.  "That's not how it works," he said and moved toward the door, leaving Grey to stare dumbfounded and angry at his back. 

He opted for the stairs rather than the elevator.  The way Grey insinuated his control into everything, it would've been unwise to risk getting trapped in a metal box.  Given the heavy sound of boots chasing him down the stairs to ground level, he knew he'd made the right decision.

Grey wasn't following him, but one of the other bodyguards on duty would be.  Taylor had to get out.  Fast.

He only wished he could do something about the baby, but it was too dangerous to go back in.  Instead, he raced down the stairs, slowing his pace as he hit the lobby to walk casually out the front door.  It's late in the evening, so his dark clothing let him blend in a bit more with the shadows on the street.

He needed a car.  But it needed to be one that Grey couldn't track.  That meant he had to get out of town first. 

Ducking into another building down the street, he asked to borrow a phone.  He called a cab.  His plan was to meet the cab a block and a half away to give him more distance from Grey's men.

The cab ride was uneventful.  Except for all the thoughts flurrying in his head.  He had known Grey was a little off-balance, but he had never thought the man quite capable of this.  Taylor really would do a lot of things or ignore a lot of others for the right salary, but not this.  He drew the line at hiding bodies.  Literally hiding bodies.  He should have known something was going to happen to Ana.  He should have stopped it.  But Grey was too good at hiding things.  At covering them up.

This time, Grey was on his own.

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