Heartfelt: Chapter one

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Several days had passed since I had stepped foot out of my house. I haven't seen my wolf either, and I was starting to wonder if he is still out there. Waiting for me, waiting for me to appear. I haven't been feeling good lately either. The doctor said that this virus that I have, won't go away. That there is nothing that they can do for me, except wait. Wait for what, until I die? I don't think so.

During these days at home, I've been looking at wolf books to see what kind of wolf this is that is following me. I've tried everything, I've looked at pictures, dog breeds, Google, exc. But, not luck. Figures, usually when I try to find something I find it right then. But this, well damn it it's taking more than a few days.


Damn it, do I have to get the phone? *sigh* I better.

"Ouch! Damn it!" I yelled, as I tried to get up off of my bed. My whole body was so sore, I could barely move.


"Hello?" I asked, in a weak voice while picking up the phone.

"Keri? Hey, oh my god!" It was Taylor, I could tell by her nonstop hyperness. Haha!

"Hey Taylor, what's up?"

"Oh my god! Are you okay?! You don't sound good. Plus you haven't been in school in several days." Taylor asks, worried

" Yeah I'm okay, just sore. I got those homework assignments done, so I'm caught up. I'm still trying to find that wolf that keeps following me."

"Okay, that's good. Oh yeah, I just remembered, a guy came up to me today. He was asking about you."

"What? Who was he?" I asked, surprised to hear that someone was asking about me. Me, the emo freak. But why?

"I found out that he's in high school, and he was wearing all black, his hair was dark brown, and his eyes were blue. And I mean blue, they were gorgeous! Haha, sorry. But yeah, I didn't catch his name, actually he didn't even say his name. Weird.

"Wow, he sounds hot. Haha!"

"Haha! Yeah, he was blushing when he was asking about you, and I sort of told him that you were single."

Oh-boy, I guess I'm going to have a stalker now. Haha!"

"Yeah, sorry about that."

"It's okay, just hope I don't run into him this week..."

"Oh yeah, your cold."

"Yeah," *Cough, Cough* ", hey I got to go."

"Okay, hope you feel better, laters!"



Hmmm...I wonder why that guy was asking about me. Oh well, it probably nothing. As I went back into my room to grab a sweat shirt, I noticed that it had gotten darker outside, even though it was only 3:35. My parents haven't been home for several days now. They had to go down to Texas to see my sister, which has a kidney and bladder infection. Poor thing, I hope she gets better. As I grabbed my white American Eagel sweat shirt, I headed downstairs. I went to the front closet and grabbed a black coat, and put it on. I forgot that my Ipod was in my pocket, so I took it out, put the ear pieces in an turned on some tunes. I putt my black convers on, grabbed my house key and walked out the door.

After I locked the front door behind me, I started to walk down to the park, which wasn't that far from here. Only about a mile, not that bad. Usually when I was pissed off, sad, depressed, or just needed some air I would walk down to the park. Or sometimes walk around the whole town. One day I almost committed suicide because of people spreading rumore about me, and making fun of me. I about had it and ran infront of an on going car. The car swerved, but I didn't get hit. Sometimes I really wish that it did hit me.

As all of this was going through my head, an icy cold breeze swooped down and blew across my face. I suddenly realized that I was walking down the middle of the highway. Not good. I walked back over to the side of the road so that I wouldn't get run over. I also got the feeling that I was being watched and followed again. I shook the idea out of my head, and didn't even bother turning around to see if anyone was behind me.

To keep myself occupied, I took out one of my head phones and took out my cell. My peice of shit cell phone. I dialed Emily's number. I havnt talked to her ever since I've gotten sick.


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