Kate loves Elliott/Elliott loves Kate

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Kate looked across the table at her friends, laughing at the joke Mia just made in that bubbly way that reminded her of that character Alice in those Twilight books. Even though Christian continually looked as though someone had just shoved a lemon up his arse, and Ana was still fidgeting and fussing about what was on her plate, constantly seeking Christians approval about which portion of the delectable meal she should eat first which was a new character trait that was frustrating Kate to no end, Kate was enjoying the company of this crew in the beautiful Aspen mountains.

She had thrown herself into her time away since they arrived that morning, going crazy hard skiing the black runs with her brother Ethan, his girlfriend (Christian's sister) Mia and her boyfriend Elliott. The skiing was brilliant as it had her shrieking with terrified delight. She now sat devouring her delicious food, enjoying the champagne and atmosphere of the restaurant, and relaxing for the first time in weeks after being so bloody busy with her work. She even had a fun time shopping earlier with Ana and Mia, although that experience that was somewhat soured by the need to try and overlook the way Ana was acting oddly about that stunning dress she purchased for herself, like she had to get Christians approval or something (which was another ever-increasing trait that had Kate worried about her friend and this relationship she was in). Kate decided though that this weekend she could put up with Mr Grey’s douchbagery if it meant getting to spend time with her man, as well as her bestie. It was shaping up to be a cracker that’s for sure!

Kate was absolutely savouring the fact that she basically had Elliott all to herself, her body tingling in anticipation of the time they would get to spend together. In that great.big.gorgeous guest suite back at Christians place. The gorgeous guest suite that had that *amazing* steam shower. The amazing steam shower where Elliott had her so riled up with lust filled intensity earlier as he pressed the flowing massage head across her pubic area as he slammed into her from behind, that she had to push her mouth into a facecloth to stop screaming down the house in sheer delight as she came. And she came HARD. Honestly, that boy was so good, she nearly didn’t make it downstairs in adequate clothing to go out to dinner with the others.

As the next course was served to the table, and Ana again was biting her lip in tense anxiety of not wanting to eat the wrong thing in the wrong order, while Christian seethed in barely concealed sourness over Mia’s hilarious extroverted display of what had happened that time in Cabo when she was drunk on tequila with Ethan, a convoluted story that involved a sombrero, a cloth napkin, and an empty champagne bottle, Kate slid her hand down across to Elliott, resting it just above the knee and giving his strong leg a tight little pinch.

Her boyfriend have a sharp intake of breath, and whilst his elbows were still on the table with his muscular arms propping up his gorgeous chiselled chin while he laughed at Mia’s story, he tilted his head ever-so-slightly towards her, and gave her the most smouldering look.

Kate smirked, rubbing the spot where she tweaked him in little circular motions. Now that she had his attention, she ever so carefully drifted her fingers back up his rock solid thigh, the circles gaining in pressure and intensity until her hand was resting at the crevice the 90 degree angle of his hip made. She stopped then, and ever so lightly flicked her fingers across towards the centre of his body, where it was then her turn to give a sharp quiet swooning gasp, as she felt his hips slightly flex forward and his solid manhood jut towards her hand, straining against the denim of his jeans.

The immediate increase in her pulse was so palpable, she was sure that the others across the table could clearly see the blood pounding through her veins. She had to get Elliott home. NOW. RIGHT NOW!

Elliott on cue cleared his throat, declaring “Guys, I’m absolutely beat from shredding it down the mountain today, and smashing you all in that race. I need to head home for a soak.”

He stood from the table, deftly bringing his jacket around in front in such a casual way, that none of the others seated in their group would have realised he was hiding a massive boner. Elliot placed his hand on Kates shoulder. “Kato, do you want to head back with me now, or stay here a bit longer to finish that bottle of Verve with the others?”.

Just at that point Mia had grabbed the champagne and necked the remainder in one fell gulp. “I need this bottle to finish my story Katie”. She then roared laughing, turning to Ethan and plopping herself on his lap, as he tried to grab the bottle off her before she could better show everyone EXACTLY just what made that tale from their Cabo trip so memorable.

“Well that settles it then, I’m taking my man home to soak if you are going to pinch the rest of the bubbly Mia” Kate said, giggling at the antics of her brothers girlfriend.

Kate gracefully went around to give the others a kiss goodnight, taking the chance while Christian had excused himself to go intimidate a waiter about the lack of perfectly placed after-dinner mints that had just been bought to the table, to grab Ana in a hug.

“Hey you, what’s up, you seem out-of-sorts again tonight”. Kate quietly said.

“Oh, no, it’s nothing KC. I’m just tired. Christian really knows how to keep me on my toes”. The jolly way Ana tried to speak to Kate did not disguise the tense quaver in her voice. This was doing nothing allay Kates fears about just how possessive Christian was acting with her friend. Kate was about to say more when Mr Grey returned to the table, and in an air of pompous indignation declared “These fucktards can never get the finishing touches on the meals here perfect when I’m dining. It’s completely incompetent. I've called Taylor to bring round the van, we are all leaving. Now.” And with that Christian gripped Ana’s wrist, pulling her to a standing position so that he could guide her out of the restaurant.

Kate glowered at Grey’s back as he stalked away from the table, her fist clenching in frustration. Just then Elliott slipped behind her, and slid his palms down the length of her arms. He put his mouth to her ear and said “Don’t let Christian’s arsehole behaviour get to you hon, he seems to get off on creating a scene. I’m going to talk to him tomorrow about it all when he and I go out boarding”.

At the gentle caress of Elliott’s hand down her side, Kate turned around, planting a quick kiss on his lips. She blew out a puff of air in frustration “E, he is SUCH A DOUCHEBAG. I hope to god you can talk some sense into him about this weird fixation he has on what Ana does. It’s just not healthy for her.”

Elliott took her hand and pressed her palm to his mouth, then held the door open as they exited the restaurant into the biting cold Aspen air. He bent and whispered to her “I’m going to do what I can honey. But can we please not talk about Christian right now, or this hard-on that has me craving every centimetre of your delicious body, instructing me to plant kisses on every single part, is going to disappear, and never return.” Kate looked up into his eyes and with a cheeky grin. “Now THAT would be a travesty” she said, as wrapped herself into the front his long thick jacket, making it look like she was sheltering against him from the frigid gusts of wind.

 She then grabbed him full frontal on the crotch, rubbing her hand up and down as she gave him a playful kiss on the neck. Elliott gave a low grumbling groan into her hair, before taking every ounce of strength to pull away and bundle Kate into the back seat of the waiting mini-van that would ferry them all back to the house.

"Woman, you will be the end of me" Elliot said with his face pressed into the top of Kate's head as she snuggled into his side for the drive home. Kate smiled, resting into the hollow of his shoulder. She felt so happy and content with him, she couldn't wait to get back to the house to spend the rest of the night in a bliss-induced coma of happy.

A Fifty Shades of Grey re-write. From a person who finds those books completley abhorrent in their depictions of emotionally and physically abusive relationships as romantically desirable

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