"How about... Jasper?" I breathed while Reece left soft, lingering kisses down my neck. His hands trailed down my back and settled on my waist, before he pulled me towards himself, pressing us even closer together.

I could feel his smile on my skin, tickling me. "Hmm?" 

I rolled my eyes and playfully pushed him away, before bending down and picking up the last puppy that was left out of Bella's litter of seven. We had managed to sell six, but with a whole lot of begging and persuasion, we were allowed to keep one of them. "Reece, c'mon! Think! What are we going to call this little guy?" I cooed, scratching the adorable pup behind its ear.

"What about Rex?"

I frowned, "Too intimidating."


"Reece, I'm not naming the puppy Fred." 

"Milo?" He suggested, snaking his arms around me and hugging me from behind. I closed my eyes, savoring the moment as Reece kissed my shoulder, and then my neck... before gently biting my ear lobe.

"Reece," I warned, but it came out more like a sigh of pleasure, "With this rate, we'll never come up with a name."

"That's okay with me. I'd rather make out with you on the couch anyway."

I laughed, and turned around with the puppy still in my hands and quickly kissed Reece's soft lips. "How about we mix our names together? Like...Ceece?"

Reece raised a brow, grimacing. "Ceece?"

"Okay, maybe not Ceece, but how about -"


I looked up at him, "Roe?"

"Reece and Chloe."

I smiled at the puppy in my arms, "Roe." I said, experimenting the name on my tongue, "I like it."

"Good. Now lets make out."

I shook my head, chuckling, "No time, Charlie's swim competition, remember?" I reminded him as I put Roe down and let him wonder off around the house. 

Reece pouted. 

And that, was the God damn sexiest thing I'd ever seen.

Laughing, reached up and captured his lips with mine. Reece responded immediately, deepening the kiss as I ran my fingers up his stone hard abdomen and settled behind his  neck, gently gripping his soft hair and tugging. Kissing Reece was like nothing I'd ever experienced before, each time felt like the first time - without the whole, kicking him in the balls and running off. It was magical and passionate, and something I could never get around to truly believing - that he was mine, all mine.

"You're a better kisser now." I teased.

Reece laughed through his nose, "You taught me well." 

"I love you." I whispered against his lips.

"Love you too, Nerd."

I slapped his chest, "You're still calling me that?"

"Do you prefer Loser?"

I frowned, "I like Princess."

"Ah," Reece smirked, "That's only for times where I'm mocking you, you don't wan't to be called Princess."

I peered my eyes at him, "Noted. Now lets go." I demanded, gripping his hand and making our way out the door...only to find Allie and Dennis having a full on make out session on the hood of Reece's new car, which he bought with his prize money.

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