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There was nothing Isabella loved more than a party

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There was nothing Isabella loved more than a party. Since returning from Spain, all she had talked about was throwing an engagement celebration for her and Dharsheni. Sheni was a little sceptical because she wasn't sure what to do about her family and their potential invites, or lack thereof, but I was all for it. 

Isabella and I convinced Dharsheni it was a good idea fairly quickly; we made the point that it was something she wanted, which I knew to be true since she and I first discussed the topic of our hypothetical marriages at uni. We also highlighted that she had plenty of family members who loved and supported her and Belle's relationship, and that her grandmother might well have started a war if she found out the lack of party was due to Dharsheni's parents' coldness. I liked to think what finally won her over was my offer of providing the catering. 

We convinced her on the Sunday evening after Casper had left, and Sheni and Belle had arrived back at the apartment. By the Monday evening, we were researching venues and decor ideas. The girls were still searching for a new place to move into, so we sort of juggled both tasks, although I ended up taking the reins a little regarding the party. I was the bride's maid of honour, after all. They couldn't move in together until January because Isabella's existing tenancy wasn't up until then, but Dharsheni was someone who knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted it. This trait translated into analysing every single property they viewed with a preciseness that was verging on forensic, which also significantly slowed their search. 

By the Tuesday evening, we'd listed out a complete guest list and narrowed down the venues to three potential options. By the Wednesday evening, we'd decided on a colour theme and a date. By the Thursday evening, we'd booked the venue.

Hanging up the phone that evening felt amazing. The party was booked for the last weekend of November, we had everything pretty much planned to a T, and I had so many ideas for the buffet. I was still feeling rather awful about work, so it was the best distraction. My elation was short-lived because ten minutes after hanging up the phone to the bar we'd booked for the party, my phone started ringing as my mother's face blinked at me from the screen.

'Ugh, be right back,' I groaned to Dharsheni and Isabella as I swerved around the coffee table to leave the living room, and didn't stop groaning until I'd shut my bedroom door.

'Hey, Mum,' I said into my phone as cheerfully as possible before collapsing onto my bed.

'Hi, sweetie, how's things? How's work? You've caught me at a good time; I've just finished prepping dinner!' she exclaimed as if I was the one who called her. 

'Yeah, things are good, thanks. Work's fine. Same as usual,' I lied as I ran my fingers through my long hair splayed out over the pillow.

'When are you moving to that new office? Waterloo, was it?'

'No, Victoria. I started there last week,' I replied, ignoring the fact she definitely knew this because I'd messaged her about it two days prior.

'Oh, of course, lovely! Fab location, much closer to Granny's apartment too.'

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