Harry - 7 Minutes Of Heaven

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Your P.O.V

Okay so I'm at a party, don't know who's and don't really care. I didn't really care because my crush Harry styles was there.

So right now I'm blind folded in a cupboard, waiting for a guy to come in. (Seven minutes of heaven was happening) *Fingers cross* hoping its Harry.

The door opened. Not that I could see it open, I could hear it. It then shut. I felt a rough hand on my cheek, followed by a little peck on the lips.

"Who is it?" I asked in wonder, whoever it was, they are good. "It's Harry." A British voice spoke. "You can take off the blind fold so it's more enjoyable." He said.

I removed my blind fold to see Harry Styles. And guess what, HE WASN'T WEARING A SHIRT! "Uh Harry, where's your shirt?" I asked a bit confused.

"We'll it got stained and soaked so I didn't want to drench you while making out." He replied with a smirk.

Wait WHAT?! MAKING OUT?!!!!!!!



Before I could reply, Harry smashed his lips against mine, then quickly tongue came in.

It was such a passionate kiss, I was tracing his abs while he was sucking my sweet spot.

This went on for what seemed like hours until the door burst open. Oh my god. It was everyone from our grade, laughing. From there eyes it looked like me and Harry were about to get it on. Which I wouldn't let happen because I didn't want to loose my V-card at 16. I heard disgusting comments:

"What a skank"

"Whores loosing her virginity already?"

"Wow, a real slut"

I pushed harry off me, and ran. Ran far away from the party. I am now in the park, it is 11pm. I was sitting behind a tree sobbing. Now I'm known as the school slut. Great.

"What's the matter?" A British voice said. I looked up, Harry?! "Nothing" I snapped at him. He sat down next to me, still without a shirt, and it was freezing. He then held my hand, "Please tell me what's wrong." He said with those emerald eyes staring at me.

"I'm just upset." I said putting my head on his shoulder. "I gathered that part" he said with a grin. "Well, I'm now known as the school slut basically." I said, holding back my tears.

"Your not a slut, your a beautiful girl." Harry said sweetly. I then tried to reply but my mouth went dry. I couldn't speak, but that didn't matter for what came next. A sweet kiss was planted on my lips. The kiss broke and harry looked me in the eyes.

"You know, I really like you." Harry said

"I really like you too harry." You said smiling.

You two cuddled and went back to Harry's to finish what started in the closet.


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