Wild in Aspen - A Christian Grey fic.

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Kate sat on the lounge looking out the window at the gorgeous view of the snow-covered Aspen mountainside. She glanced over at Anastasia who was coming downstairs, and the calmness that had radiated from the luxe view and made her feel so relaxed, instantly dissapated from Kate upon noticing how her once happy (if completely naive and at times emotionally stunted) friend was looking anxious and drained. And if Kate was being brutally honest, she thought Ana looked like she was in physical pain as she made her way down from the uppper level. Since Ana had started spending time with creepy Christian, she had become increasingly agressive and illtempered towards her friends, almost as though she was transferring her sub-conscious feelings about her boyfriend's odd ways onto everyone else who truly cared about her. Kate was worried, but didn't want to cop another toungelashing from Ana about being "overly-concerned" or "jealous" if she voiced her concern that this new relationship seemed far from healthy for her. Kate was just glad she could be around on this trip if Ana decided to open up to her.

Anastasia winced as she desended the staircase, running a hand over her upper thigh and feeling the bruising that seemed to raidate out of every muscle as she slowly walked each step down. That last tumble with her Fiddy sure was an eye-opener. Even with her sheltered upbringing, deep down she was concerned that Christian had gone too far this time in his display of worshipful loving devotion to her. Like, it was really full-on last night. Super full-on. And it seemed to be a bit of a coincidence that Ana's inner goddes at that very moment decided to take a vaycay and had left her pompoms behind in a glitter-filled void, just as Ana was turning to her to seek her sage and wise advice about what "REALLY" happened with Christian here in the Aspen house.

"Like, it wasn't really THAT close to rape was it." Ana thought. "Not really, I mean, I love him and wanted to be with him. And he would have stopped if I really wanted him to. I'm sure of it. He would have stopped. If I had have asked..........".

"I think....". Ana frowned, then suddently stood still, glancing across the room when she relised that Kate was watching her.

"OH crap, here we go" Ana murmured under her breath, bracing for Kate and another one of her annoying "are you OK" talks. Christian was right, Kate obviously was completely jealous of their relationship. Even though she had Elliott, Ana had was starting to come round to Christain's thinking that her friend wanted Christian instead. Christian said that Kate was trying to manipulate Ana, and keep them apart. He said he only had her absolute best interests at heart. And when he said it in such a concerned and loving way, how could she doubt him? Even after last night, the fact that Ana knew deep down he worshipped her, even if he didn't always show it in what she would consider a "normal" way, she felt it was worth pushing down those pesky feelings of "anxiety" and "fear", because Christian was SUCH a catch. Billionare, Philanthropist, Playboy. Ana smugly decided that last title could be taken from the list - he said he was now totally devoted to her, and she believed him.... She took another step and sucked her breath in as the sharp stabbing pain again radiated through her body as she walked into the room.

A Fifty Shades of Grey re-write. From a person who finds those books completley abhorrent in their depictions of emotionally and physically abusive relationships as romantically desirable

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