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After Izuku won the obstacle course Midnight announced the next event which would be a calvary battle. "Uh Midnight can I solo the entire thing?" Izuku asked. "If you think you can" she answered enthusiastically. The students then started to form teams no one coming to Izuku. "START" Midnight yelled and soon all rushed Izuku. Katsumi aimed an explosive kick at Izuku who dodged easily as vines erupted under him grabbing his legs and yanking him into the sky. Izuku flipped upwards mid air and shot an arrow with a string attached to a metal beam allowing Izuku to avoid a navel laser coming his way.

Landing on the ground he dodged a flurry of attacks and beams all attempting to stun him and grab his headband. Shota launched a glacier of ice at Izuku who deadass picked up a fuckin stick and full countered it back at her causing her eyes to go wide. Soon they backed off to get other headbands as Izuku and Gowther conversed about a recent book they read. Soon time was shortening as some teams got desperate.

Shota's team formulated a plan to get Izuku's headband. Sonic used her fastest move to rush Izuku and allow Shota to take his headband. "RECIPRO BURST" She yelled out. Izuku turned his head seeing Shota's team zooming at them. Izuku stood summoning a pink bow and arrow and shooting it at all of Shota's team hitting them. They were confused because it didn't hurt. They were able to grab Izuku's headband as he was unable to dodge in time as Midnight called the match. "And the winner is...IZUKU MIDORIYA" Midnight called.

This confused Shota's team because she had the ten million point headband. Just then Izuku stopped altering her memories and infact she was holding a regular old ten point headband. Shota was pissed and released a large flare of flames in all directions. Before it could hurt anyone though Izuku through a knife through it controlling the flames so that it would end up as a string at the end of the knife. Grabbing it he handed it to an embarrassed and enraged Shota before patting her back.

"The next event will be a 1v1 tournament" Midnight announced to the crowd who cheered in anticipation. "The first match will be Hitoshi Shinso vs Izuku Midoriya" Midnight yelled. The crowd yelled predicting Hitoshi's win. They both stepped up to the ring as the rules were explained. Then the match started. "It must suck being a man in a world where your kind are weak" Hitoshi teased. "No not really" Izuku responded then his mind went blank. "Now step outside the ring" Hitoshi ordered with a smirk. Izuku started to walk to the edge before stopping. "Nah I don't feel like it" he said turning around and walking towards Shinso. She started frantically barking out commands all of which Izuku ignored.

He stopped infront of her and have her a hug. "This system works against you as it works against me the system focuses primarily in combat quirks instead of all quirks making it hard for people like you to find a place where your talents will be noticed. But I know you have potential so if you want I'll train you to be the best you you can be". Hitoshi started to cry and nodded accepting his offer. She then stepped out the ring. The crowd was silent as they heard everything. The crowd... started clapping they started to cheer for both contestants as Izuku was announced the winner.

Y'all sorry I'm late to write this yesterday after getting out of school deadass I passed out so you get duex updates today.

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