Bonus Chapter 1

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Lilly's POV:

           "I can't believe my baby girl is graduating college." My mom coos over the phone as I inform her of my graduation details.  "Mom, you're acting like such a... well... mom." I replied with a laugh. Kaitie walked into the apartment with a pizza and my mouth instantly started to water. "Gotta go mom. Dinner. Love you." I said quickly and waited for her response before hanging up.

          "You look like you haven't seen food in a year." Kaitie laughs and I pull a slice of pizza out of the box. "Well I'm hungry. Thanks for getting me food. This is why you're the best." I said as I shoved the whole slice of pizza in my mouth. "You're only saying that because I fed you." She narrowed her eyes at me. "Yeah pretty much." I laughed and finished up.

          I left the house to go visit my brother by his dorm. I had moved out of the dorms and bought an apartment, but Josh was still saving up. I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. "Hey Lilly.  What's up?" He said giving me a hug. "Nothing much little bro. My graduation is on Friday so can you come?" I get right to the point don't I? "Of course. I wouldn't miss it for the world." He said offering me some candy and of course I took it. Refuse food? No thank you. "Well. That's it then. See you at the agency later?" I asked with hope. "Yep. I'm going." He smirked thinking of the epic mission we will probably be given. "Great. Love you. Bye." I said leaving and closing the door behind me.

        I checked my phone for the time. It was 4:25. 4:25, what did I have to do again? Oh shoot I'm supposed to meet with Jake at 4:30. I'm 15 minutes away from our meeting spot. Hey, I'm a spy. Anything is possible.

      I raced to our tree in the park as fast as I could, jumping and flipping from building to building. I pumped my legs to run and I got there at just the knick of time. I barely even broke a sweet and my breathing was controlled.  Wow. I'm good.

         "Hey, babe." Jake's voice says from behind. I turn with a smile on my face and walk into his arms. "Read for our date?" He asked slumping an arm around my shoulder.  "Yep. Let's go." I said as I sat on the back of his motorcycle. 

         We walked along the beach after a highly competitive game of bowling. "So are you ready to graduate and become a full time spy?" I asked Jake and his expression was unreadable. "I will miss this place, but I'm excited as ever to be on a mission again. Not just any mission though. I want to go on another crazy Junior year mission. Like in high school, just without the life threatening moments, you know." He said tightening the grip on my hand and bringing it up to his lips to kiss it. "Yeah, I don't know if I'm quite ready yet but at least we have one more week to relax a little." I smiled as I thought about all of the crazy times we've had in college. It was an experience alright.

         Just then my phone rang. "Agent Lilly Williams." I answered my work phone. "Where are you two love birds? Get to the base. You have a mission." I heard General Forson say through the phone, realizing I had completely lost track of time. "We're coming." I said and Jake was two steps ahead of me alread running to his bike. We mounted it and sped off the base, getting there in approximately 5 minutes when it usually took us 20.

          "Glad you could make it." General Forson said sarcastically as we entered the room. "Sorry." I replied and sat with the team.

       I couldn't believe it has been 5 years since that mission. The mission that changed my life. And I was still here. Still standing and stronger than ever. I had my best friends still alive after I dragged them into that whole mess. We were the number 1 spy team and I couldn't be happier. This was my dream and it came true. It had a lot of loss, depression,  and sadness come with it along the years but I wouldn't trade this job in for the world.

         "Let's kick some ass." Jake said as we geared up for yet another crazy mission. "Let's." I replied with a twisted smirk.

Watch out bitches. Here we come.


A/N: I know this was a short chapter but it is just to let you see what life is like for them. I really enjoyed writting this and I hope to update again soon.

*Lilly and her friends are graduating college!!!

*When will Jake pop the question? We've been waiting forever now!

*Do you think the team will ever go on a mission as crazy as the one they went on in high school?




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