Chapter 52-Birthday Surprise

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Chapter 52

Birthday Surprise 

Rowan’s POV

I force back the groan as I sit across the meeting table with my team and the team working on the Canadian project. This is a big project and important because I put in a lot of fucking money on this, almost 10 million in total but it’s my birthday. I don’t want to fucking be here. I want to be deep inside Sullivan, so deep that he won’t know where he ends and I begin.

Relax Rowan, another fifteen minutes and you’re free to go home and fuck your boy all you want. That thought causes a smirk at tug at my lips. My eyes drift around the room as the site manager goes over the proceedings needed to break ground. I grab the file he hands me and quickly flip it open as he goes into details making my brows furrow.

I shoot Clair a glare quickly because this is all her fault. My ass could be home right now but noo she had to book the meeting in for today. She smiles guiltily making me roll my eyes and go back to the file. We discuss how to go forwards with the project which is reconstructing a orphanage that is in desperate need to a remodeling. I found a location that would be better for the kids.

The location has a large empty lot next to it that I purchased as well and will be built into a park for the kids to play at. There is no park in the town so it would benefit not only the orphans but all the kids living in the area. Of course we have to get permits and all the jazz to start and for some reason the fucking city is making this difficult.

“So the mayor of the town wants to meet you in person before giving you the go ahead to start construction.” Mike, the site manager, says after explaining the situation.

“When?” I ask while raising a brow with a sigh. I'm going to have to go because it’s too much to lose.

“He's free on the 15th of March, so in three weeks.” He winces as I glare at him.

“That’s too long a wait. We’ve been trying to get this started for two weeks already. Those kids need to get into a better home.” I say and he nods quickly.

“Yes sir, I know that which is why I talked to him and explained. We set up a conference call for you two. It will be on Tuesday at 4 o’clock.” He says while handing me a note.

“That’s better than three weeks and traveling I guess. Is that all?” I ask while checking my watch. It’s already almost 4:30.

“Um, yes sir that’s all.” He nods with a smile making me stand up.

“Great well I’ll see you on Tuesday because you need to be present for the conference call since you’re the site manager. You need to know what's going on.” I say while buttoning my jacket.

“Very well sir.” He nods and I pack the papers into my briefcase before walking out.

Clair falls into step with me as I make my way to the elevator. She smiles up at me when I turn my head to her and my eyes snap down to her tony bump that Rebel makes her show off. She's a lot bigger then she was with Gage so either she's having a fat fucking baby or multiples. She's only four months pregnant so she shouldn’t have a bump, right? How the fuck do I know? I don’t so it’s probably normal.

“You’re fired.” I say bluntly while we step onto the elevator.

“Yeah okay.” She scoffs making me roll my eyes.

“If you weren’t carrying my niece and/or nephew you would be fired.” I throw back and she just smirks.

“No I wouldn’t be.” She says and I sigh.

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