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Oh meh gosh! 1.5k reads! I so happy XD i am sorry for not updating in a while. I promise I will get the 2p!Britain x reader uploaded tomorrow, then doon after I will upload the Australia x reader. Enjoy!

"DUDE! YOU SHOULD LIKE TOTALLY COME THE MY ROCKIN PARTY! IT'S GONNA BE OFF THE HOOK!" America yelled from the other end of the line.

"I guess. When is it?" You went to your room and sat on the bed.


"Really America?! You could at least given me a warning!!!" You grabbed you shoes and rushed to your room to get dressed.

America laughed loudly and hung up the phone.

You got dressed in casual clothes and drove to the party that was being hosted in America's huge mansion.

Before you could knock, America opened the door and pulled you in.

"Dude! The party has already started! Where ya been?" America yelled over the blasting music. Every country in the world was there.

Before you could answer he ran over to Germany, Prussia, Scotland, and Denmark and started to have a drinking contest.

Scotland won.

"Ugh, I think I'm gonna be sick." America said, then turned around and puked in the litter box.

"Germany! Germany! South Korea groped me!" Italy yelled while trying to cover his backside.

Germany, who was obviously drunk, turned to the blabbering Italian and locked lips with him. Italy showed no resistance.

"If you're gonna do it, go use a guest room! Nobody wanna see that." America yelled and pointed to the stairs. Germany practically dragged Italy past you and up the stairs.

"_____, try some liquor! It's to die for!" Britain slurred as he stumbled over to you with a drink in his hand.

You pushed him into France who caught him as he fell.

"I've been looking for you, you french frog." Britain lazily pointed to France's face and grinned.

"Anglettere, you are drunk. I'm not complaining, but do you want to go home?" France asked.

"I'm the United bloody Kingdom! I can hold my liquor better than you anyday! I just need to sit down." He stood up and stumbled over to the restroom.

A loud crash sounded from the kitchen. You, being the only sober one, ran to see what was happening.

America and Prussia were fist fighting and knocking everthing over.

"Hey! What are you guys doing?" You ran in between them with your arms outstretched.

"Ponyboy here tried to eat mien awesome Gilbird!" Prussia yelled and pointed to America.

"I thought it was a peep! Those marshmallow things, then he punched me in the face." He held his bleeding nose and pointed at Prussia's bird who was perched on the counter, safe from harm.

"He is not food!" Prussia pushed you out of the way and punched America in the jaw. They continued to fight and you went out of the room to see if anyone could help.

Russia appeared next to you, making you jump.

"Do you need anything _____? You look stressed." He placed a comforting hand on your shoulder and smiled.

"Will you help me split up Prussia and America?" You asked.

He nodded and followed you into the kitchen.

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