Shahzaad Ausman - Various Ways to Strengthen your Acting Skills

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California Shahzaad Ausman major areas of acting work includes:

1. VoiceWhy Voice is Important?

Voice to be flexible enough to embody any character that's thrown your way. Voice is key to unlocking a world of characters and different ways of bringing them to life for an audience.

Voice Warm Ups

Voice Warm Ups come in all shapes and sizes. The key is to find one that works for you. It's always best to put together a warm up based on advice from a professional voice coach.

Articulation Exercises

Articulation is one skill that is often neglected and yet it is incredibly beneficial to work on daily. Take the time to work on particular sounds that you struggle with, and always work with a piece of text.

Work on Text

Working on voice to improve how you work on text. So speak some great text out loud everyday. Regularly reading wonderful writing out-loud everyday is one of the most enriching things you can do as an actor.

 Regularly reading wonderful writing out-loud everyday is one of the most enriching things you can do as an actor

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2. MovementWhy Movement is Important?

Movement is one of the areas of acting you can work on daily and see a noticeable improvement very quickly. Work that will allow you to be a more relaxed and expressive actor.

Movement Exercises

Physical exercise, doesn't always mean a work out at the gym. Like with voice work, a consistent 5-10 minutes a day is far more powerful.


Still haven't found the movement practice that works for you, I would take a look at doing 10-20 minutes a day in semi-supine. Basically this is an incredible position to recover from the day. It helps with alignment, breath, and is just the best.

3. KnowledgeRead more plays

Reading plays is an invaluable habit. It's will improve your acting skills. The more you read, the more you get to know different writers, characters, devices and become more well-versed in style, genre and language.

Watch more theatre, film and great TV

Want to be an actor and you're not watching great plays, film and TV then you need to begin. You can't expect to be apart of an industry you're not even engaging with. Push through and challenge yourself. Some of what you watch will be awful, but you will probably find you learn more from the bad stuff than the good stuff.

Read Acting Books

First two suggestions are pretty easy. Reading a great play, or watching a TV show – that's some of the best homework you will ever get. Reading an acting book, however, that can be tough. They can be really cerebral and often quite dry.

4. TextLearn a Monologue

Actors often think they can't work on their acting alone. We can work on the individual skills of acting everyday

Read out loud

Hopefully you are going to start reading more after this article: plays, novels, short stories, poetry. Then next stage is to read out loud. If you can read out loud, on voice, you will get so much more confident with text.

5. ActingHow to become a better actor

Working on your craft is how you get better. That could be in a class or on a production. The key is to always be learning. Aiming for perfection doesn't work. artistic pursuit becoming a better actor is about becoming more open, honest and vulnerable.

How to Act

Having a process is vital. Sometimes you will look at a script and it's completely overwhelming. You have no clue where to begin, how to delve into the character and so you can't make any progress. Develop own process and structure for the next time you approach a new role.

Work on you

Talk about improving your acting skills, by improving you. One of the best ways to improve as an actor is to work on you. Start living life people! We are actors who have to express the most profound stories and embody the most heightened characters.

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