1-New School?

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I've been standing here for like 15 minutes. I really don't know what to do. I see a red headed family all running into the wall behind one another. I guess that's what I'll do. I braced myself. I ran. As I got closer, my panic grew. I ran towards the wall expecting to bang face first but I ran right through, no problem at all. I wheeled my trolley and got on the train. I found an empty compartment and sat looking at all the happy families hugging each other. My parents live in Australia. I went to a school there but my parents wanted me to have a more extensive education. The teachers there didn't appreciate my talent. I've now moved to a different country all by myself! I miss them. I remember going off to my Australian school. I wanted to go home so much but now I REALLY want to go home. 

I'm just sitting looking out the window when the train FINALLY started to move. I looked at the waving families and smiled looking at all their happiness. I see the beautiful hills appear and I just fall in love. Australia is beautiful but this just looks different and it kind of confronts me that I'm on my own now. I'm just relaxing about to drift off when I hear a voice.  

"Hi, I'm so sorry but do you mind if I sit here?"

The voice catches me by surprise and all I can say is. "I'm Y/n! Oh sorry ummm yes you can sit here."

"Haha no worries, thanks by the way I'm Sophia! Are you that transfer student?" Sophia responds.

"Haha Yes I am. It's nice to meet you."

"Oh well you are going to love it here! So your from Australia?" You smile. "Maybe later we can put a shrimp on the barbie." She says in a HORRIBLE Aussie accent.

"IT IS NOT A SHRIMP!!!" You scream. "oh uhh sorry. touchy subject." She laughs.

"Haha sorry I guess I need to learn some Aussie slang!"

-Tiiiiiime Skip- 

You hopped off from the train and followed Sophia too these little boats which were really cute. You share one with Sophia and this other 3rd year. You look over at the other boats and notice this blonde hair boy staring at you. You shift in your seat uncomfortable with the feeling of his eyes on you. 

"Ooooo someone's got Malfoy's attention." Sofia smirks.

"Huh what who. That blonde haired one is Malfoy?" She nods.

"Draco Malfoy and he can't stop looking at you." She starts laughing

"Stop, Stop it just shut up ok." You hold back laughing.

-Tiiiiiiime Skip-

Professor McGonagall said that all the first years would be sorted first and then you would be sorted. Finally the last person gets called and then the professor looks at you and smiles.

"Now we have a new transfer student from Australia! I hope to see you welcome her with open hearts and make her feel as comfortable as possible in this new environment. Alright dear Y/n L/n come forward you know what to do." Professor McGonagall gives you a warm smile and gestures towards the stool. 

You walk up and she places the hat on your head. You sit down and then hear the hat starting to scream. "Hmmm I see. You are very smart and hard-working. You're very brave and have a lot of courage. I see you have a lot of patience yet you know how to get what you want and you always get what you want looks like it'll have to be........SLYTHERIN!"

The Slytherin table cheers and welcomes you over. You run down the stairs to see Sophia waving towards you. 'Yes! At least you'll have a friend here' You give her a hug and sit down next to her. You start shaking people's hands.

"Hey I'm Blaise, this is Pansy." She smiles at you." Crabbe and Goyle there and oh this is Draco Malfoy." You hear that name at look into his grey eyes staring at you. You pull your eyes away but can still feel them staring at you.

"It is so nice to meet you all. I'm Y/n L/n!" You smile brightly at them all. 

Food appears in front of you and you look down and gulp. You don't usually eat much but you suck it up and put a potato in your mouth. You look back up and see the grey eyes burning into yours. You just can't pull away but you have too.

Sophia grabs your hand and pulls you out of the hall along with the other on the way to the dungeons. 


Hi Everyone

I really don't know if anyone will even read this book but I hope you all do. Those who are actually going to read this book please let me know if this amount is good for a chapter. I really hope those who read this do like it. I tried really hard to make this first chapter kind of interesting. Anyway thanks if you're reading this right now!

-Your Author xx  

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