Chapter 16: Paxton

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I spent my days on my bed, forgetting about my studies, just thinking of how time goes by so fast, but feels so slow. I was pregnant, with a child of Evan and me, yet he wasn't here to see. 

I had not a clue how he'd react, what he'd say or do, and I cried for days on end just wishing, hoping for him to be okay. His mom kept coming in and out, visiting him, and one day as I sat by Evan's side, holding his hand with a broken heart, she'd walked in with a little surprise.

"Mrs. Shepards," I chuckled, trying to muster the best smile that I could. She walked towards me and hugged me with all that she had in her, and I couldn't help but cry quietly against her.

I just couldn't seem to stop. She was warm, and felt welcoming, and although we didn't really get along because she chose I was a rebound when Evan and I first hung out, she accepted me and moved forward, in hopes that her son would be okay. I didn't really meet much of Evan's family. I didn't meet much of Evan's life in general. I generally knew little about him, considering we were both far too caught up in my horrid life in the past year. 

I was so glad everything was over, to say the least. I was just very upset that this is the way things turned up. Evan didn't deserve it. Before continuing to sob, I shook my thoughts away, paying attention to Evan's mother.

"Hi Peyton," she smiled, her watery eyes going unnoticed. 

She looked like a strong woman, one that didn't cry often, and one that had went through a lot in her life. I didn't know any of Evan's secrets, much less what he'd gone through, but something told me he went through a lot just by his mom's tough exterior. She was beautiful, but looked nothing like Evan. Se had a naturally passive face. Maybe the light brown in her hair resembled Evan's but that seemed about it. 

"It's good to see you again," I managed to smile when I'd pulled back from her hug.

I took a seat on the small chair next to Evan, grabbing ahold of his cold hand. I closed my eyes, leaning my head against it, the hand that had always held me close to him. I pecked kisses along his fingers, ones that I loved so much.

"I have a little something for you, I thought you might like it," she chuckled and unzipped her purse.

I perked up, eager to see what she had. The second she pulled out a small arm, and a little ratty doll was the second I couldn't help but burst into tears, both happy and sad. I choked on laughter, and grabbed the little doll in between my fingers. 

"Paxton," I laughed, my tears flowing down my heated cheeks. Our weird named, barely taken care-of baby project from senior year. I snuggled against Paxton, before looking at all his little battle wounds.

Evan and I had failed that project, the monitor in the baby giving a clear show to our teacher that we took absolute zero care for this doll. We'd eventually forgotten it, since we spent most of our time out of town for the last few weeks of school. The project brought back so many ridiculous memories, and I couldn't help but laugh and cry all at once.

"I found it under Evan's bed the other day. Couldn't help but dust it off and bring it here."

I looked up with swollen eyes at Evan's mom, shaking my head, a small smile on my face. "That's crazy... We failed that project you know," I laughed, making his mom howl in laughter, before sitting down next to me.

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