Component 16 - The Cold Truth

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Component 16: The Cold Truth

Buster watched the great ice dragon destroy the wall to the adjacent room. If he had been a coward he would have taken that moment to flee the caves and let things lie. But, unfortunately the dwarf was not a coward at all. He was brave, and in his own mind, a 'blasted idiot'.

"Come on ya damn machine!" Buster shouted as he swung his Hellsmasher hammer down to crush the ice holding Angon, "Don't ye make me do this all on me own!"

A large chunk of ice broke off—and had the ice been of the natural kind, it would have all shattered—but no, this was the magic ice of a dragon.

Buster brought his hammer back again, and smashed away, breaking off another large piece—but not large enough.

Inside the ice, Angon stared down at the strange short man. He was trying so desperately to free him, and they didn't even know each other. Despite being unable to feel things other than pressure, the magical cold seeped into the Forge's inner workings, and he felt himself shivering. It was a new sensation, and one he did not like.

Angon struggled from within his icy prison. He pushed out with all his might, and the ice holding his arms to his chest began to crack, but he needed more strength. He just wasn't strong enough to shatter his frozen status. The Forge was relying entirely on the small man to save his newfound life.

From the next cavern over the ice dragon roared and thrashed around. Buster took a moment to glance in that direction—he saw only the crystalline dust swirling around as the ceiling began to come down. He knew he needed to get Angon free, and that action alone would be all of their only hope.

"C'mon ye blasted thing!" Buster snapped, breaking away another chunk of ice.

He knew the method he used was taking far too long. He needed to get the machine's arms free. There was only one way to do that—strike higher.

Buster brought back the Hellsmasher and shook his head.

"I be sorry if this kills ye." Buster whispered, aiming Hellsmasher right at Angon's crossed arms, "But it be our only bet."


Lavina screeched as the ice dragon broke into their chamber, and huge shards of ice flew straight for her head. She ducked, and Gavin beside her did the same.

"We need to climb!" Lavina said, starting for the steep incline that they had fallen down.

"But there's nowhere to go out there but the cliffs!" Gavin shouted, finally daring to nock an arrow.

The Sol Elf fired the missile at the dragon, and it struck just under the mighty creature's eye. The dragon didn't even seem to notice, despite the arrow sticking out from under its facial scales.

"Well we're up to our necks in dragon dung..." Gavin muttered.

"Actually..." Lavina said, "Dragon's defecate diamonds—well it varies on species actually, but—"

"Not the time!" Gavin shouted as the dragon reared back its head and that same blue-ish energy began to form around its mouth.

He grabbed Lavina's arm and they ran toward the dragon.

"What're you doing?" the half-elf girl cried.

There was no time to explain. They needed to get underneath the great beast or they would become dragon dung diamonds.

The sol elf kicked his legs out and slid, pulling Lavina along behind him. The dragon breathed its powerful ice behind them, but it could not follow underneath. The elves continued their slide, but they had not gained enough momentum. They came to a stop just underneath its midsection.

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