Chaper Eighteen; Condiments

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~Later that Day*~

I straightened my shirt out and studied myself in the mirror. I shook my head vigorously, trying to ruffle up my hair. I played with it until I was satisfied than walked out the door. I walked quietly to the front door but was stopped by my mother.

“Where are you going, sweetie?” She asked with a raised blonde brow. She placed her hands on her hips. I shrugged.


“On a date?” She asked leaning closer. I hesitated but nodded. She gasped and squealed. I rolled my eyes.

“Yes, Mom, it’s very exciting but please let me leave.” I groaned. She bounced up and down.

“When do I get to meet the lucky one?” She beamed. She squeaked loudly again and I rolled my eyes.

“Sometime, not now, Mom.” I said pushing through her to the door. I paused to look back as I opened it.

“This one’s special.” I whispered before disappearing out the door.

I practically ran to Emery’s house, all too excited to see him. We just saw each other this morning but I couldn’t stand being away. I sprinted, not breaking a sweat in the night air. I jogged up his stairs and smiled, panting, as I knocked on the door. It opened immediately and Emery stood waiting for me in all his cute glory.

His dark purple skinny jeans made his legs look longer and matched his white and black shirt. His silver snake bites were inside his lips and his ears were lined with piercings. A bit of eyeliner was under his eyes. His silver eyes glistened and twinkled with youth. His hair was styled to the side making him look boyish and cute. He beamed up at me, showing off blinding teeth. He flushed and looked down.

“Too much?” He asked softly, rocking on his toes. I grabbed his arms and pulled him to me, kissing him hard on the lips. He closed his eyes and leaned into it, winding his fingers in my hair. I pulled back just enough to look him in the eyes and smile.

“You’re breathtaking.” I whispered. I pecked him on the lips again and dragged him outside, closing the door behind him. I pulled him to his car and opened the door for him to come inside. He slid inside and I walked around the car to start it up. I reached over for his hand and pressed it to my lips. I kissed it gently, smiling up at him as I did. He blushed cutely and giggled. I smiled, squeezing his hand tightly.

“I told my mom that you’re coming over Saturday and she said it was fine.” He beamed. I smiled, still nervous about meeting his brothers and telling his family that we’re together. I forced the smile and squeezed his hand again.

He leaned on the window and looked at me, chewing his lip.

“Is something wrong?” He asked nervously. I could feel his hand tense. I stopped at a red light and looked over to him.

“Nothing’s wrong, darlin’. I’m just a little nervous, that’s all.” I said, kissing the palm of his hand. He wet his lips and stared forward. I grabbed his cheeks and kissed his lips furiously. He leaned into the kiss. I pulled back and rested my forehead against his. Our eyes locked, I was entranced in his starlight eyes.

“Are you alright?” I asked nervously. He shrugged and avoided my eyes.

“Well, I was just thinking, do you actually want to meet my family? Do you think it’s too soon? Do you not want people to know about us? What’s going on in your head? You don’t have to come if you don’t want to.” He blurted quietly. I raised an eyebrow and cocked my head. My heart skipped a beat and softened in my chest. I kissed his nose.

“I’m just a little nervous. That’s all, love. I told you, I’m proud to be with you. I’d love to come.” I assured him. He looked at me shyly and pouted his lower lip. I smiled and ruffled his hair. I traced his bottom lip with my finger and leaned in for another kiss before a car beeped behind me. I grumbled to myself and moved back to my seat. Emery chuckled and looked back out the window. I turned into the theater and found a parking space.

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