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You'll notice something a little different about this chapter. Surprise bitches! This chapter is all in Dimitri's POV.  Hope you enjoy. ;)  -BrittBratt

Dimitri's POV

The moment the guardians came to arrest Rose has burned in my mind since it happened. All I remember thinking is that I couldn't let them have her. She had to be protected. Now that I'm in my right mind, I know that she did the right thing. Had I kept fighting, who knows what the council would have done to me. I got off light- I've been forced to stay inside my quarters with two armed guards outside the door. It made me chuckle a little bit. If I really wanted out of here they would need more than two men to take me down. 

My mind has a way of wandering to Rose. Even when I was a Strigoi, she stayed on my mind. There is no doubt that she has made an impact on my life that cannot be reversed, but I will be damned if I ask her to come back to my side after what I did to her in Russia. There is also the fact that she is with Adrian now. I cannot be responsible for stealing another man's woman- even if she was mine first. Rose will eventually get over me, and marry him. He is a better man than I thought him to be. He's grown up for her, and I can see that he really does care for her. As long as I can refrain from doing anything stupid, she will have her happily ever after. 

My chest tightens at the thought, but again I push it away. It's better this way. I hurt her too bad the last time. I can't guareentee that I won't have another accident, and be taken from her, just like the last time. Rose survived the first time she lost me, I'm not sure if she could survive it again. Lissa told me how bad things were. That Rose left her! I think that is what astounds me the most. I knew she loved me, but it wasn't until returning back to my old self that I realized how much. 

A knock at my door takes me away  from my thoughts. Oh shit, I thought, it would be him. 

Abe stood at my door, a brilliant smile on his face. Yep, I'm fucked.

I conceal my surprise at his visit, and extend my arm to welcome him inside. He has his own guardian with him, although I'm not sure of the name of this one. 

"May I help you?" I calmly ask him. He takes a seat in a chair near my window, and motions for me to take the other. I take a seat, and notice that his guardian is watching me with closely. Damn, take out one small horde of guardians and everyone gets weary. 

"Mr. Belikov, I am going to get straight to the point. I require your assistance with the matter regarding my daughter." Abe said cheerfully, as though she wasn't being framed for the murder of our late Queen. 

Rose is his daughter?! I take another look at him, this time searching for confirmation in his features that Rose is his. I recall a memory in that moment:

Flash back 

Rose walked alongside me, and all I could do was notice how beautiful she was. 

"I don't know my dad. But I do know he must have had some wicked cool hair." 

She tucked some of it behind her ear, and all I could do was agree. Her hair, her eyes, her passion- everything about her made her beautiful.

End of Flash back

Looking at Abe, I can see the family resemblence. She is, without a doubt, his daughter. 

"I'm not sure what I can do to help. " I respond causually. It's not like I haven't tried to find a hole in the evidence against her- well , the evidence I have access to. 

"Well Mr.Belikov, I know she is hiding something from me. I saw a young man slip her a note right after the hearing. I need you to try and find out what that information that letter contains. It could save her life." He spoke passionately, and I could see that although he had only been in her life a short while; he really does want the best for her. 

"What makes you think she would talk to me? I was just her mentor. If you cannot get it out of her, and you're her father, there is not reason to believe that I can do any better." Something glinted in his eyes at the moment I said I was just her mentor. Could he know? 

Of course he could... they call him zemy for a reason don't they? Shit. This day just keeps getting better and better. 

"Don't lie to me Belikov. I think we both know that you two are, or were, closer than you appear." There's that damned smile again. 

I debated it for a few minutes in my head. Images of her came rushing to me; from our first meeting, to training, the cabin, and the moments that I try to keep away- the moments that we spent in Russia. I may not be able to be with her again, but I do owe her everything I am. She brought me back, and I still love that woman with every fiber of my being.

Abe must have sensed that I had came to my decision, because he rose from his chair and motioned for his guard to open the door. 

Starring at him, I finally gave the answer he came here for.

"I'll help her."

Just please, let her want my help. 

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