Chapter 4

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Meet me at the park. Mind as well go to the park. I got up and grabbed my keys. Well not really my keys, my older bro's keys. Anyways, I got the keys and went out of the house. I went into the car and started it up. I pulled my phone out and put up the directions to a park that was down the street from my house. The old park that I use to play in. Now kids don't even play at the park, instead they play on their phones and video games.

I don't want to do that. I am going to bring my kids outside. I don't want them to always be stuck with video games. Besides that I sped down the street to the park. I got to the park and parked in the lot. I got out and looked at how deserted it was. Bits of trash flew down the slides, the swings were swinging with the breeze. No one was really here. I was expecting to see Liz sitting on the bench, but instead I seen Coy sitting there alone.

I went on my phone to text Liz. Why did you tell me to go to the park to see Coy? Message. I just though he looked alone. Go talk to him! Once in a lifetime! I decided to follow along with her. I walked over and sat down next to him. It seemed like he was in a trance. He watched the park in silence.

"Sad, isn't it?" I looked over. "Huh?"

"The park. No one ever comes here anymore. I remember playing here and now it's deserted." I nodded in agreement. "It is sad." The majority of the time we sat there in silence, watching the park. Achoo! "Ah! Here. Tissue." He handed me a tissue. "Oh. Thanks, Coy." I took the tissue and blew my nose. Nasty! I got up and threw it out.

I sat back down at his side. "Wanna go eat some dinner after this?" I looked over. "Yeah sure! Let me tell my brother before I leave."

"You have a older brother?" I took out my phone. "Yeah. You have any siblings?" He shook his head. "No actually. I am a single child. My mother could never have any other kids after me." I nodded. I told my brother that I was gonna be late getting home because I was gonna be on a date. "Okay. We can go now." We both got up. "Did you walk here?" "Yeah I did." So he lives nearby.

We got in the car, and I actually entrusted him to drive us to a place. "Better not be too fancy because I am not in the best of clothes." He laughed which sounded pretty sexy. "We're not going any where fancy, and not anywhere cheap. We're going to a restaurant that doesn't care how you dress." We pulled up to a place. It was kind of dark so I couldn't see the sign. Should I really be here with a guy I don't know? For all I know he could be a murderer.

"Come on!" I got out of the car and he opened the door for me. I walked in and it was actually like a family diner type dealio. It was nice though. It wasn't your normal kind of diner. Since I was new, I let him order for me. I didn't hear what he said to the waiter since I was staring down at my hands. Of course I feel odd being in this place with a person I don't know.

"Have any parents?" "They're dead." We sat there in silence. "Well, I am sorry for your loss." I looked up at him. "It's okay. What about you?" "My mother died pretty young and my father is retired." I nodded. We talked for what seemed like a few minutes. We talked about out lifes and what we use to do. Our career, about our families. It was actually very pleasing and fun. I never knew he was like this.

Maybe I can work with this. Only as a friend relationship though. I don't think I am ready to expand this kind of thing. This may even be every girl's ideal man. This isn't really mine. I don't pay attention to fame, more of personality and smarts. My brother looks for the same thing in a woman. When we go out together he shows no signs of liking or staring at any of the girls.

He paid on my behalf and we both left. We got into my car and he dropped me and my car off. I waved goodbye as we casually walked down the street. I smiled and finally walked into my house. I ended up seeing Liz and my bro sitting on the couch watching a few movies. I waved and walked past them. I wished them good night and went to bed.

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