47: What love is..

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Mahir's POV:

"How is the suite?" I asked to Aayat as soon as the service man left. She while standing near the window, pushed away the curtains, soft rays of winter sun touching her face.

"It is just perfect!" She said as she turned towards me, a soft smile adorning her lips. I sat on the sofa and nodded my head, after a minute I said,

"Okay get fresh and then we will go to have the breakfast."

She nodded and then kept her handbag on the mirror table. She had almost reached to the door of the washroom when she looked back and asked,

"But when will we go outside to see the town?"

This girl can't keep her excitement!

I laughed inwardly as I said,
"Um, we can go just after breakfast unless you want to take some rest before we-"

"Done then, we will get going after breakfast." She said while smiling so widely that all of her pearl like teeth were showing of and then slammed the door shut behind her.

I let out the chuckle that was dying to leave my mouth and shook my head.


After witnessing her playing with the fork in her hand, while there was still some food left in the plate I coughed and asked,

"Why are you torturing the food and that poor fork?"


I arched my eyebrows at her while she dropped the fork and than said,

"I don't have any appetite left."

I finished the last bite of bread that we left and than said,

"Well, I have observed you are eating less and less everyday. Are you on diet?"

Her eyes grew big as she immediately shook her head in denial and said,

"No, jeez Mahir! Why would I be. I am just a little excited about this place."

Wiping my hands with tissue I laughed while she smiled shyly.

"Okay than. Let's get going."

I got up and she did too. We two started walking side by side towards the outside way of the hotel and that's when I said,

"Besides, you don't need to diet. You're about perfect!"

Eventhough she didn't turn and instead fastened her pace leading to a small distance between us, I saw her cheeks getting crimson hint.


It was now afternoon hours while we were still on the mountain side, not so far away from our hotel at this little tourist point where one could see the adjacent range of mountains that were covered with fog on their peeks while the river that went towards the village made its way against the odds of the rocky and hilly path. In addition, there was also a fountain breaking through the mountain opposite to the one we were on. In short, it was again one of a breathtaking views.

"What makes this mountain range so unique is this river that in the monsoon season too flows with the calmness due to these mountains that surround it." The local tourist guide that was accompanying us said.

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