Levi x reader lemon part 1

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I came in to Levis office to give him some papers. everyone asked me to do stuff like that because I wasn't scared of him so I walked in to his office with a smile. "do u need anything else captain?" you asked in a sweet voice while u saluted. "no your dismissed" he said in a monotone voice. And as ordered u existed.

half way done the hall way you see Eren running towards you. " what's up eren?" u ask "their doing a training session and if you successfully complete it you get to be a scout. !" Eren responded enthusiastically. you shrugged as if was nothing. "what?! this could be our big chance. we could finally make a big difference and you don't have a choice it was an order from commander Erwin. " you finally gave up "fine"

time skip to training.

You were almost done with the training all you needed to do was fight one of the scouts and you would have completed the task. Lucky you were in first place and now you had to fight Hanji. And oh god she was stronger than she looked and during the whole fight all she did was talk about Titans and stuff. Eventually after about five ties you finally won by catching her off guard. You stood and yelled at her to shut the hell up then you took her arm, flipped her over and twisted her ankle so that she couldn't fight anymore.

Everyone looked at you with shocked faces. "Am I done?" You asked with a bored expression and once the ref. said you were done you got some water and watch as most people fail or give up.

Finally the training was done and there was an announcement "only one person can be selected to be a scout so in order to select that person all of you have to fight until there's only one person standing and that person will be the new member of the Levi Squad. " and just like that the announcement ended. The fight was going to be held next week at the training grounds and you were exhausted.

You went to take a shower and go to bed. In your room you saw levi. "Hello captain Levi. What brings you here?" You asked. "I just wanted to wish you the best of luck" he answered.
"Oh thank you"
"Where'd you learn that move that beat Hanji?" He asked
"I was self trained" you responded

There was a awkward silence between the both of you until he pinned you to the wall....

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