First words (ft. Sun Family)

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"What is his name?" Xander asked his lover.

"Rinto. Rinto Shakadera." Ruwei said with a soft smile.

"Sorry to ruin the moment but can I finally see my nephe-" Ukyo asked appearing out of nowhere but stopped mid sentence to shout the most unexpected but true thing. "OMG! That's the cutest baby ever!"

Ruwei sighed but smiled nonetheless.

"Your daughter will be offended you know." Xander joked.

"Can I steal him?" Ukyo asked excitedly.

"Absolutely not!"

"" Those were Rin's exact first words.

Ruwei could not be more proud. Xander jokingly complained that their son didn't love his father but


"OMG! That's my son!" Xander exclaimed happily lifting the both of them up.

Rin giggled cutely and Ruwei found himself smiling.

To be Continued...
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