Chapter 12: Let's Get Down To Business

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Tyler's POV

"I'm okay, we arrived safely."

"Good! I hope you are enjoying yourself and you are finding this trip inspirational babe!" Jess chirped over the phone.

I was currently in the lobby of the hotel, missing our conference because of Jess's irrelevant concerns.

"Listen, I need to go, we are currently in a meeting. I'll call you later okay?"

"Alight! I love you!" Jess added.

"Bye." I hung up and quickly advanced towards the doors that led to the Conference Hall.

Jess's POV

"Bye." Tyler voiced before the line went dead.

Tyler informed me that he was going to New York and I was happy for him to be playing with the "Big Guys" now, but I can't shake this feeling inside me...

The feeling of Winter accompanying him instead of me.

I know that it's ridiculous to get all antsy over such a petty threat. Tyler would never be interested in Winter, she may be pretty but she came with some serious baggage. Baggage so hefty that if anyone found out about, no one would want her.

And plus, Winter was only there because she was doing Seminars and Book Signings.

I had nothing to fear. Tyler would be home soon and the house is almost finished so he won't be seeing Winter again, and if everything goes well, ever again.

Tyler's POV

"I don't completely disagree, books should be informative... But that alone would be so dry, so boring."

I sat down in the back of the room as Winter continued into the microphone at the podium.

"A writer to a book is like a pianist to a piano, it could take years to master but when you do, you have a choice. You can choose to use sheet music, to learn the songs that you have grown to love or songs that have moved you. Or you can choose to create, to give birth to something entirely unique and different. Something no one has had the pleasure to listen to, to learn... to copy.

"Take your readers to NARNIA, to Wonderland, to Neverland. Let your writing be their escape, allow them refuge in your words and chapters. That they may leave behind the world they don't like and enter a world they do.

"Fill the pages with the breathings of your heart and the thoughts of your mind.
Write hard and clear about what hurts, make your readers set your book down not because they don't like it but because they fear to stain the pages with their tears.

"Make them yearn to share your work but hesitant because of how personal it is, how anyone who is to read it could see through their souls and witness their demons.

"Writing is art and art isn't supposed to be pretty, it's supposed to make you feel something." Winter finished.

The entire room fell silent.

Just as Winter was about to leave the podium, everyone including myself, sprung to our feet in an ear deafening applause.

Winter had successfully, once again, made me speechless.

I hope you all caught on to the fact that Jess is a bitch.

I actually started crying while writing this... So unlike me to get emotional.

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter, please leave a comment letting me know how I'm doing so far and maybe drop a vote? ;) thank you so much for the views! I expected none when I started and this is just amazing... You guys are amazing! I will be starting another book while continuing with this one, I'll let you know about it when the thought develops more! Bye xoxo

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