Chapter 3

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Coy's hand was on my shoulder. I turned around and looked at him. "What do you want?" I could hear him sigh. His shirt was splattered with what looked like coffee. Did he get dumped by his little figure?

"I wanted to talk." He handed me a thin piece of paper. "My phone number. Talk to me some time" he walked back to the stand to pick up some napkins. "You going to text him?" I laughed while looking at him. "No I am not."
We stopped  by a small ice cream shop. I got mint chocolate chip, Liz got strawberry and chocolate. "You're really not going to talk to him?" I shook my head. "Not gonna. He wants me to submit to him just so I can be his little thing. I'm not letting him win."

She shrugged her shoulders. Beep. "Ah. Sorry my phone." I looked at my phone to see my bro texting me.

Bro: when u coming home??
Me: Soon. I'll be there. Have lunch ready?
Bro: yuppers

"We should get going. My bro wants us to come home. He has lunch ready. Wanna come over?" I finished my last bit of ice cream then got up. "Yeah! I'd love to!" I left my bowl and a tip. Me and Liz left the shop and went back to my house.

"Are you sure you don't wanna talk to him?" We were a few minutes away from my home. "I am very sure I don't want to." She sighed. "He sounded like he really wanted to talk. He even left his girl to go towards you."

"I know." We pulled into the drive way of my house and got out of the car. I pulled out my keys and unlocked the door. Through the archway that went to the kitchen was my brother that had a large plate of sandwiches.

"You really made that much?" My brother turned around and looked at me. "Yeah I did. Problem?" I shook my head. "No. None at all." I sat down while Liz was still in the hallway staring at the food.

"Thank God you made so much food. I'm starving." She took at least two sandwiches, put then on top of each other and she started eating them. I stared at her, wondering how she could fit that much in her mouth. While chewing and swallowing.

We talked about the reunion and the old times. Even how different the years were and what changed. Liz told me a bunch of things that changed. My favorite clothes shop got evicted. The conversation I never knew that was gonna happen was them talking about Coy.

Wealthy business man who took over his fathers company and ended up spreading it across America to sell their goods. I never knew these things. For all I know, I could have bought his goods and not even know.

We finished lunch. Liz left and now I am bored. I took the phone number out from my back pocket and ended up putting it in my dresser. Who knows. Maybe I can prank call him if I really need to. Or want to. Either one will do.

I finished up everything and without noticing I ender up passing out on the couch. A new day. And the first thing I get is a text message from Liz. Meet me at the park.

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