Chapter 1: Without

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     The alarm goes off on the nightstand and a lazy hand aimlessly searches for it. The door opens and the curtains let in the sunlight. Yan AnBao groans and rolls over to face the wall.

Yan Anbao's mother: hurry! We must hurry! Pack your bags.

AnBao rub her eyes: Pack? I have to go to school.

Anbao's mother bring two suitcases from the door and starts putting Anbao's clothes in it as she explain the "one of a lifetime" business opportunity that her mother and father were just offered.

Her mother continues: Oh also, it's in New Zealand.

Anbao: What?!

Her mother: And we're not bringing you.

Anbao: WHAT?!!

   Finally alerted she gets out of bed and puts back her stack of clothes that her mom had just put in. She's feels confused, why would she be packing? How long will her parents be gone? She doesn't want to live in the condo alone...well, she'll have  Little Dumpling, the family dog, with her.

[she wears this outfit in the car]    Anbao's mom and dad pack everything in the car, including Anbao's thing and Little Dumpling's things

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[she wears this outfit in the car]
    Anbao's mom and dad pack everything in the car, including Anbao's thing and Little Dumpling's things. Her parents explain to her while they drive somewhere opposite of the airport.

Anbao: Isn't that airport that...uh mom, dad, where are we going?

Anbao's dad talks while eyes are on the road: Bao'er, you're going to stay at Uncle Yan's house?

Anbao: what? But Uncle Yan's allergic to Little Dumpling.

Anbao's mom chuckles: Mom won't leave behind her Little Dumpling. I'm taking him with me. But you have to stay because this is a trip for two. It's a great chance for us to finally get out of the office and house, New Zealand is beautiful with all the mountains and uh, mountains.

Anbao's father: Honey, my brother said that A-Ming has grown very tall.

Anbao's Mom and dad talk on and on about their trip then they suddenly tell Anbao all that's expected to do, each taking their turn to speak and continues the sentence.

Anbao's mom and dad: Now Bao dear don't be your aunt a lot, don't want you all boney...but don't eat too much, you don't want to be fatter than you are, do you?...We've hired a maid to take care of the'll have the key but...don't go back home's way across the city...and we don't want you alone...also call us frequently'll love it at, what was it called honey?...Yu Qing, A-Yan will help you out there. Have we...mentioned that you're moving schools?...Ugh, finally getting you away from those at Hai Guang.

Anbao: What? I've had trouble there but I don't want to move schools.

Anbao's mom and dad: well, you don't want to be waking up at... 5 every morning to take the 2 hour ride to Hai Guang do you?

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