Chapter Fourteen: Further Plans

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 Chapter Fourteen: Further Plans

The sun was sinking toward the horizon as Bella and I remained happily intertwined on the beach. The solitude, the absolute, perfect silence, was refreshing to me; I didn't have to block out a single voice. I felt myself relaxing more than I had in months. All my considerable powers of concentration were focused on the lovely girl in my arms...who wanted to be in my arms. The sheer impossibility of such a thing as Bella's love for someone like me...for such a monstrous being...still staggered me.

Letting go of her warm hand, I reached forward to touch her face as we lay facing each other. We had talked in low voices, nearly whispers, off and on for the last hour, but we weren't keeping up a conversation by any means. We just basked in the glow of this love that we both gave and received with a sense of awe. I could see the wonder in her beautiful eyes as she marveled just as I did-awestruck by the power of first love, a love that was so nearly lost a mere two months ago. We both seemed to be exceedingly grateful to simply be together-at least I know I felt the grace of this day, and I saw the same thankfulness mirrored in her eyes as she gazed at me.

But time was passing, and I allowed a reluctant sigh to escape my lips. Bella raised herself on her elbow and, leaning toward me, pressed her warm lips to mine for a moment before she pushed out her bottom lip in a pout. Mesmerized by her beautiful lips that I wanted to kiss again (and forever), I didn't notice the sadness in her expression until she spoke.

"Do we really need to go back?" Bella whispered.

My hand still cupped her delicate cheekbones, and my breathing roughened as a beautiful blush stained her pale skin under my hand.

"Yes, my love. Unfortunately, we do." I paused, taking in a deep breath as I leaned toward her, bridging the short distance between us again. "In a moment...." My voice trailed off as I kissed her again. I could never get enough of this feeling, this gentle euphoria, that filled me, making me feel young and buoyant...and not more than a century old.

Bella scooted closer to me and, lowering her head to the coverlet, wrapped both arms around my neck. She deepened the kiss, parting her lips and allowing my gentle invasion. It was a kiss of passion yet remained very sweet. I felt as though I was kissing an angel, not a flesh-and-blood young woman. My arms encircled her, softly holding her against my chest, but her heart rate, usually rocketing to new heights every time I touched her, kept close to its usual pace. We seemed to both feel the purity of the moment, the sacredness of this love of ours.

I raised my head and gazed lovingly at her, then my brows rushed together in concern as I noticed the tears gathering in her clear brown eyes.

"Bella? What is it, my love?" I spoke low, trying not to allow worry to overwhelm me as I brushed the tears away with the tips of my cold fingers, but the moisture in her eyes spilled over onto her perfect face.

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