Chapter 22

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Maria's P.O.V

We looked round school a bit more and went to Nando's. We all had a good day but I think Aston was being protective as Mark used to fancy me but I'm sure he doesn't anymore. "Thanks for a great day guys. I better get home. Text you later Maria." Mark said as he hugged me and shook Aston's hand and walked off. "See ya!" I shouted as he left.

"So did you have a good time?" I asked Ast. "I'm sure he still likes you." he said, being protective again. "Oh. Ast please that was 4 years ago. He said, when we left college, that he never saw me more than a friend." I said putting my hands on my hips. "Yeah but it's the way he looks at you and talks to you." he said as if he were an expert.

"So your an expert?" I smirked while saying it sarcastically. "Well, first glance at you I fell in love with you." he said getting closer to me, smiling. "Aw. Your so sweet." I said kissing him and taking his hand as we walked back to his car.

We drove back to mums house and the door looked like it had been broken into. I pushed the door open and ran to the door with Aston close behind me. "Mum?!" I cried. I looked in the kitchen and front room as Aston looked upstairs. "She's not there." Aston said, running down the stairs.

Later, I sat in the kitchen, crying. First my little sister and now my mum. Aston came and sat next to me and kissed me on the forehead. "Its ok. We'll find them." he said, comforting me. I looked up at him and smiled. I hugged him tight and got my phone out.

To: Mark🐷: Hey. My mum is missing. Can you come and help us find her and Katie? xx

From: Mark🐷: Yeh. On my way xx

Aston got up and made me a cup of tea. I heard banging from upstairs. "Aston. Come here." I said to Aston. I grabbed his arm and said "There's something upstairs." He lead me towards the stairs and we walked up them. The noise came from mum's room.

Ast pushed the door open and held me tighter as we tip toed into the room. A box had fell out the wardrobe but what was in it? Aston looked at me and stared into my eyes "Don't move." He walked over to the box. "It says 'To my darling Maria. Love mum xx'." he read. I walked over to him and said "Open it."

Aston slowly opened it. The box was moving slightly and it had holes in it. Suddenly, a little puppy jumped out and scared Aston to bits as he fell backwards as the puppy jumped on him. (Pick of puppy at top) "Aww. He must be the present mum got me as a moving out present. He is so cute. How did she keep it a secret?"

Aston sat up and stroked the pup as he nudged Aston to keep stroking him. I picked up the pup and hugged it tightly. "Aw. Your so cute." I whispered in a little doggy voice. "Hey, how about me?" Ast asked a little annoyed. "You too." I chuckled kissing Ast's cheek. "What are you going to call him?" Aston asked. I tapped my finger on my chin and said "Urr. I think I will call him Blue." Blue was a chihuahua that had a bluey/black coat and ginger and white on his tummy. He was the cutest thing, other than Aston.

What a great present. But the greatest present would be getting my mum and sister back!

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