He Hears You Cussing For The First Time.

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Harry: You and Harry were with the boys when you grabbed a bag of chips and started obnoxiously shoving them in your mouth. Niall, being hungry all the time, reached over and grabbed the bag.

"Hey!" You yelled trying to grab it. He started shoving them in his mouth, then opening his mouth so you could see his munched up food.

"Niall you Sick Bastard!" You laughed sheilding your eyes. Harry gasped beside you.

"(Y/N) Didn't your mother ever tell you not to say bad words?" Harry said shaking his head disaprovingly.

"He stole my chips!" You defended.

"Fair enough, I'll buy yu more okay Kitten?" He said patting your head. You glared at Niall and whispered.

"You sicken me." He just shrugged and practically inhaled the crisps.

Niall: You and Niall were watching Dance Moms (Your favourite show) when Kathy from Candy Apples came on with her dancers, who you hated irrevocably.

"It's a shower of Cunts!" You whailed burrying your face in a pillow. Niall started laughing.

"Sorry, you must have got that from me." He chuckled patting your back.

Louis: You and Louis were having a tickle war, He was winning. Soon you were gasping for air, Louis found this funny and decided to run his fingers along your upper thigh which is your most ticklish spot, He was pinning you to the couch and you started screaming from laughing so hard. You managed to roll off and landed flat on your face.

"You Son of a bitch." You mumbled, still sprawled out across the floor. He smirked and shrugged, helping you up, then you began trying to tickle him, but he didn't move an inch.

"God Damnit! I hate that your not ticklish." You sighed.

"Well there's no need to swear." He laughed, then you started poking his abs which caused him to jerk backwards. '

"HAHA! I found your weakness!" You cried chasing him around trying to poke him.

Liam: You were in the kitchen cooking while Liam was choosing the movie you both would watch. You weren't paying attention fully and grabbed a steaming pot, you quickly dropped it, only to burn your fingers in the process.

"Fuck." You muttered, you quickly placed your hand under the sink as icy water cooled your baked fingers.

"What's wrong? Do you need a hospital?!" Liam cried running in, probably hearing the pan drop.

"No, I just burned my stupid fucking fingers!" You said in frustration still running hot water on them.

He gasped, you knew he didn't like when people swear and this is the first time you let it slip, but the situation was apropriate.

"(Y/N) Swearing is for gang bangers and criminals!" He protested, you looked at him with a weird expression.

"Well sooorry! I just burned the shit out of my self." You retorted, he cringed.

"Stoooop! Only bad people swear!" He whined, you smirked.

"FUCK, SHIT, CUNT ASS BITCH-" You yelled, he started running away plugging his ears protesting and you chased after him still swearing like a sailor.

Zayn: You and Zayn were having a peaceful afternoon just painting. Both of you loved to draw, and both of you were very good so you did this every Saturday just to relax and spend time together, you were gently stroking the canvas with your brush when some of the paint beside you spilled over on your trousers.

"Ahhh Shit!" You sputtered trying to wipe it off with a towl. Zayn just laughed at you, you looked p and narrowed your eyes.

"You think this is funny, do you?" You asked, he nodded. You scooped a larged amount of paint onto your bush and splashed it across his face, he gasped and you giggled. He started painting your neck and you guys continued until you both were covered in paint.

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