Chapter 10

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This is a short chapter :P sorry i havent uploaded lately.


I watch the ground slip beneath then car as we drive to Mark's house. Im in dispair. I lay my head on Brian's shoulder. I hold back my tears. Ethan is gone. She took him from me. As we arrive to Mark's house i stay in the car as Isabella and Brian get him.

Ethan. I love Ethan? I'm confused and tired. I just want my dad and my brother back. Alyss turns to me.

"Haley you alright?" She asked her eyes worried.

"Yeah i'm fine." I look at my feet. I look back out the window to see Isabella,Mark, and Brian walk towards the car. Alyss looks back ahead. Asha shakes her head silently.

"Haley?" Mark askes as he opens the door. "You alright?"

I nod and slide closer to Brian once hes in the car. The rest of the ride is a blur. Everything is going to fast for my mind to comprehend. Before i know it were building the jet. 

Everyones using there enchanting powers to build this small jet. Everyones heling out except me. I sit in the huge field staring. Everything is moving to fast for my mind to catch up. Brian is to busy building to notice me. As was everyoen else. I didn't care though. I wanted to be alone.

Somewher ein the choas i fall asleep.

I wake up to a start. I shove brian hard away from me and stand up quickly. "Get off of me!" I scream at him. I then realize its Brian.

His face is astonished. "Oh, Brian, I'm sorry. I guess i was having a nightmare....." Which is a lie.

He nods and says quietly. "The jets done. We have a flight to catch. You can sleep then."

His voice is weak as is his body. The way he held hisself up is weakly. His eyes tired and not as bright green. His breathing slow and quiet. Alyss and everyone is already in the plane. I somehow have hope Ethan might be on there too. That hope helped me walk to the plane. Once on this makeshift aircraft i look down the isle. Ethans not there. MY spirts fade. My heart sinks and my legs feel weak. I black out. 

Once awake we are in the air. I look are hazeily. MY eyes clouded over slightly. Brian is dead asleep next to me. EVeryone is except for Asha who's flying the plane. I look around. THe plane is simple. a main short isle seats ae made for metal and leather. The walls made of steel. I look behind me and alyss is asleep next to the ferret. I look farther back. MY blood runs cold and my heart freezes. I see a little girl with pale white and blue skin. Black long hair, and red ringed eyes. A smile crosses her face. 

I stare as she walks closer and closer. I hold my breath. My heart racing. "Brian." i whisper.

I look at him then look back and shes gone. Lorkan is not there. I screach the back with my eyes looking for any signs that shes there. Shes not. I turn back forward and stare into the face of Lorkan. A smile shows her pointed teeth. I go to scream or thrash, But her hand covers my mouth slowly and her claws dig itno my cheeks leaving streams of blood. I become paralyzed. I just stare into her eyes. I feel as though i'm going to throw up. I'm taken to another place in her mind.

Its the dark room. Ethans chained up to a wall. His face is swollen and red. His eyes are faded gold. His hair is coated i nblood and his chest has a long gash across it.

"Haley i couldn't help myself." Lorkans voice slithers and makes my skin crawl. "Bring them in."

"Haley!" Alyss screams and shes her struggling under there grips. her eyes wild and mad. They throw her to the ground.

"Alyss!" i scream and spit at Lorkan "Don't Hurt her!"

"I wasn't planning on it." she says claming wiping the spit from her face.

Vypers drag my brother in. "Blake."

"Haley don't watch." He says crying

I walk close to him, but i'm held back but vypers. "Blake!"

He's thrown to the ground and Alyss screams "Blake!"

"Alyss!" He crawls ove rto her and they hold each other. His blood get all over her. "Alyss, love."

"How cute." Lorkan laughs.

"Don't hurt him." Alyss yells at Lorkan, Crying.

Blake and Alyss kiss softly and lovingly. "Alyss don't...move now get away from me." Blake sobs his shoulders shaking.

"Leave them alone!" I scream struggling.

"Kill him in front of them. Show them the light keeper will never win." She smiles and I turn away not able to look. A strong grip tunrs my face toward him. Alyss is screaming but being held down to watch.

"Haley i love you, Your the best little sister remember that...Alyss i love you, I was going to marry you. You both are in my heart. "He sobs. "Save Dad and Ethan. Bye."

Alyss screams as a sword goes through his gut. He lets out this awful moan on angony. I scream and cry uncontroably. "BLAKE NO!!!"

They twist the sword and pull it out, fast. His lifeless body drops to the ground. I scream and Alyss cries. They let Alyss go and she scrambles to him. Blood coats the ground in a pool and Alyss pulls his body to her. She carasses his body close and sobs into it. Her body covered in his blood. My eyes are too clouding with tears to see. I sobs and they throw my to the ground. I lay on my stomach and sob.

Lorkan grabs my hair and lifts my head I scream weakly. "You see. You die and I'll spare everyone else. Light keeper you'll never win."

Shew slams my head into the concrete and my nose starts to bleed. I sob and lay there. MY brother is dead. I didn't want to endure this. I sob until theres nothing but black. I keep sobbing and i begin to give up.  I have no reason to fight this battle. Ill lose. i think and sob.

"Blake I love you.." I whimper weakly and his voice goes through my head. I love you Haley, your my best little sister remember that. I sob again feeling alone as i keep hearing his voice in my head. His last words are all i have left that keep me alive. I hear Alyss' sobs faintly but i hang in my black nothingness listening to my brothers voice. That will never speak again. I keep sobbing unti li black out.


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