The Surprise

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Corpse's / Atticus' pov
Maybe tomorrow when we play again I would tell them... It has now been an hour since we started playing and Raven was awake now. I put her on my lap between the desk and me and she watched us play. I didn't have headphones on either, so she heard all of us talk. "Corpse people are spamming my chat about you" Felix said. "They want you to stream tomorrow" he added.

"Okay, sure" I said. I would tell everyone I was playing with after but not to the public, yet. I looked down at Raven on my lap who was smiling and was entertained by the little astronauts on the screen. I killed Jack in lower engine and ran off into Admin, Raven giggled quietly at that. I smiled and then a dead body report came in from Sykunno. I unmuted and so did everyone else. Many questions were asked and I spoke a little.

The session ended and now I was trying to swipe my card in admin. I kept failing and Raven and I laughed. She then pointed out the obvious 'TOO FAST. TRY AGAIN' on the screen. I laughed and she smiled at me. I tried again and slower, 'ACCEPTED. THANK YOU' flashed on the bar and 'Task Complete!' Popped in the middle of the screen. I laughed a lot at that. In total time it took me 20 minutes to actually get it in the round. Emergency Report popped up on the screen. I unmuted and was still laughing and Raven was laughing quietly too. I shushed her quickly putting a finger over my lips. She nodded.

They discussed more again with me chiming in occasionally, then Felix asked "Hey Corpse chat is saying they heard a kid laughing from you for a second, I agree I heard that" a few "Yeah I heard that too"s were said. I panicked a little and said "It was nothing". "Oh, okay then" Felix said, another hour passed and we were still playing. When another emergency report happened in the current round we were playing, Raven giggled again. I muted for a second and said "shh" to Raven. I unmuted, more discussing went around. Another hour passed and it was 6. The round ended and the group was now on Discord talking for plans tomorrow. It was now time to eat something, I texted the group chat of the youtubers I was playing with and said I was going to order pizza.

I ordered half pepperoni for me and half (your fav pizza if it's not pepperoni) for Raven. I got off the phone and joined the group call, not turning on the video ofc. They were all chatting and Raven was confused. It was now time to tell them about Raven. I unmuted, "Hey guys, I have a big announcement to make" I said. "Yes Corpse?" Everyone said, "So every time I unmuted the little girl giggling was from me-" "YOU HAD A KID?!" Sykunno exclaimed. "NO I adopted one though..." I said nervously. "Her name is Raven and she's shy and mute" I told them. "Here you can type on this keyboard and talk to them" I told Raven.

Raven's / your pov
I took the keyboard and typed 'Hello'. "AWWW HELLO" A girl squealed with a voice that sounded high pitched. She sounded nice I said not typed "Hewwo" very quietly hoping they could hear. A million 'AW!!'s were screeched, and Mr. Corpse hugged me from behind. "Aww, you like Lily?" Mr. Corpse asked. I nodded, I turned and hugged him back and then kissed his cheek and sat down again. He smiled and kissed the back of my head when I sat. "Lily Raven likes you" he said, "Aww! Thank you Raven, I'm honored" Lily said and I smiled. "How old are you Raven?" a guy with a higher pitched voice asked. "s-seven" I said quietly, "omg she sounds so cute" a different girl said. "T-thanks" I stuttered, I looked at Mr. Corpse and hugged him suddenly becoming shy.

"Aww she got shy sorry" he said to them. "She has anxiety and isn't used to talking to new people so this is a big step for her" he explained, "Aww, we're honored for her to speak to us, but enjoy your dinner bye!" the girl with a high pitched voice 'Lily' said. "Bye bye" I said, "Bye" Mr. Corpse said. "Bye!" a bunch of people said, then the call ended.

The door bell rung. I tuned around and looked at Mr. Corpse. He took up and carried me out to the living room. He put me down the got some cash and opened the door, the pizza guy was there holding a pizza. He took the cash after giving Mr. Corpse the pizza. "Thanks" Mr. Corpse said then closed the door after the pizza guy said "You're welcome, enjoy". Mr. Corpse put the pizza on the kitchen table and waved me over to sit and eat. We both sat and enjoyed the delicious, hot, cheesy and (your fav pizza topping) pizza. I had about 3 slices and Mr. Corpse had 5. We saved the other slices for later.

"Yum, fanks" I said quietly to Mr. Corpse. I was beginning to get more comfortable and okay with talking now since I had someone in my life who cares, doesn't hurt me, and is nice to me, I had a family again.

It was now 8 pm and I wasn't too tired yet. I washed my greasy pizza hands after eating and Mr. Corpse did the same. We went to his room again and I was bored, so I got my phone and texted Mr. Corpse 'Can I have a pencil and paper?' I asked. He nodded (I was in the same room), he grabbed a pencil and paper from his desk and handed it to me. I jumped on the bed, and played on my stomach with the paper on a big book in front of me.

I started doodling random things for practice. I drew a smile (NO ART IS MINE)

 I drew a smile (NO ART IS MINE)

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A few eyes

And ended up drawing Mr

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And ended up drawing Mr. Corpse again

(This ^^ but instead in pencil sketch only)It was 9 now so I was pretty tired

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(This ^^ but instead in pencil sketch only)
It was 9 now so I was pretty tired. I got off the bed leaving my drawings, and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and shower.

Corpse's / Atticus' pov
Raven left the bed and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. I looked at the bed and saw her drawings. I saw the one of me and was once again amazed. I put the paper on my desk and went back on my phone until she got out the bathroom. 5 minutes later she came back in the room in a plain white t-short and black sweatpants, teeth brushed, and hair damp.

I went to her and crouched down and said "The drawings you did were amazing, I loved them" I said smiling, "I wanna use the drawing of me with the bunny mask as my profile pictures okay?" I asked.

She nodded smiling, then tiptoed and kissed my nose, she giggled then jumped on the bed and hid under the covers shy. I blushed for a second, that was so cute, I laughed a little then went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, then showered as well. I came back in my black and brown flannel pajama pants and black loose fit t shirt and sat in bed next to her.

I laid down facing Ray and she faced me, I wrapped my arms around her over her back and we both fell asleep.

A/N: I hope you're liking this! Chap 5 is tomorrow

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