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Maya exhaled as she was at dinner table with her parents while she knew she had to tell them about everything.
Knowing her parents would be easier to tell than Farkle she knew she would tell them.

"Me and Josh are dating," Maya said as Kermit looked at his daughter.
"Your very first boyfriend before 16. Wow that's amazing. He seems like a nice guy," Katy said as Maya looked over at her father.
"Sweetheart, I'm happy for you. I know Josh's parents from business side and I can tell you are happy. Which makes me happy. And I can't tell you how wonderful that is. When you know your little girl is happy. I'm glad you found love, Sweetie. And I hope this one lasts," Kermit said as Maya smiled.

"Okay then. Definitely easier than telling Farkle," Maya said.
"Difficult time?" Katy asked.
"He has something against Josh and I don't know why," Maya said.

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