Chapter seventeen;;

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You are your own worst critic.

I wasn't horrible. My blonde hair could use some definition and I was by no means beautiful, but I was certainly okay. Nick stood next to me, watching me through the mirror. The end of his toothbrush stuck out of his mouth while he fumbled with pulling his shirt over his head.

I flicked my gaze to him, " What are you looking at?"

" you." He said, pulling his toothbrush from his mouth and spitting out the extra paste. While he washed his mouth, I went back to staring at myself. Nick was the one running behind, insisting that he only needed five minutes to get ready. That was twelve minutes ago.

After his second spit, he said, " What are you looking at?"

" Me." I replied, frowning. My eyebrows were pulled together and my eyes were narrowed slightly.

" why?" He said, genuinely confused.

I sighed, " It's a girl thing."

" I'm waiting."

Another sigh, " Okay fine. I'm evaluating myself. Girls are very self aware."

" That doesn't make sense to me. What's the competition over? You're yourself and that probably won't change." He replied, washing his hands.

This time, I groaned, " That doesn't matter Arson, we still look at other each other and wish to be the prettiest one." Suddenly, an idea hit me. Leaning my hip against the makeshift counter, I explained, " It's like how guys compete for the biggest crotch."

" no, I don't understand that either." He said, completely serious.

" excuse me?"

" I mean, I can understand the struggle of being to small. But being too large? Where the hell would you put it? and it wouldn't be comfortable for the girl. As Far as im cocerned, im the perfect size." He flashed a cocky grin, and raised a suggestive eyebrow.

I laughed, " You are definitely a baby dick. But I'm glad you're concerned about your lady friends back home."

He rolled his eyes, chuckling softly, " You don't know unless you see it."

" In your dreams." I scoffed.

He slid closer to me, bumping my arm with his, " Don't deny it; You're curious."

" Ew." I said, making a sour face and pushing him away.

He laughed and put away his toothbrush in toothpaste, " But in all seriousness, Angel, I don't know why you're stressed about yourself."

" You still don't get i-"

He cut me off, " You're beautiful."

I shook my head, swallowing hard, " I wouldn't push it. I'm gonna go make some breakfast."

He reached forward and grabbed my hand, pulling me to face him. He wrapped his arms around me and said, " I mean it."

Gently, I looped my arms around his waist and rested my forhead agaisnt his shoulder, " I know."

Nick took my shoulders and turned me around, " As much as I love hugging you, I really want food."

He smiled and I laughed and we went to the kitchen together. Nick started digging around to make cinnamon rolls and I found some milk in the fridge. I poured two glasses while the smell of sugar-filled frosting wafted through the air. While he cooked, or baked, or whatever you do to cinnamon rolls, he said, " Lady friends?"

I nodded, " yeah. Don't you have a roster?"

He laughed, " are you kidding me?"

" is that a yes or a no, because it really could go both ways?" Confusion owned my expression.

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