Pretty Deadnapped

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**Authors Note**

Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!

I decided to make a new story! , I hope you all like it!! , and plz plz plz plz plz comment!! 

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** Flash Back**

"Valentina!" , Mum yelled from down stairs. I looked up from my book and got off my bed and started walking down the stairs.

" Yes mother?" I asked looking into her chocolate brown eyes.

" Dear , there is something we have to tell you" She said intertwining her finger's with father's. I nodded and slowly sat down on the couch keeping my back straight  and placing my hands on my lap.

" Honey , you are not human" She said looking at me thoughtfully.

" Pardon?" I asked confused.

" Dear , you are half vampire" My father said. I sat there my eyes wide. How can I be half vampire? , I don't drink blood. I always knew I was different , but I never knew I was half vampire. I looked back into my mother's chocolate eyes.

" Valentina , you father is a vampire" , my eyes shot to my father , he sighed and walked over to the couch looking into my grey eyes. He shut his eyes for a second then opened them. His eyes were red , redder than healthy rose under the warm midday sun. I gasped.

" How did I not know about this earlier" I asked a little annoyed.

" We are sorry , Valentina" Mother said looking at me. I shook my head and stood up , my purple silk dress cascading down my legs. Being fourteen years old don't give you much control on what you do in life. But I needed to have a break. I looked at my inhuman father then to my mother. I nodded then walked up to my room. Why me?.

**End of Flash Back**

I looked down at the forest below me , it's lush green vines twirling themselves up the tree trunk. The moss covering the forest floor. The birds that chirped in the trees , their colorful feathers and beaks. I let my foot had over the branch. My tan boot covered in dirt. I sighed then jumped off the tree landing with a gentle thud ten feet below. I picked up my bag to and sprinted to my car. Everything around me becoming a blur as my hair was flung from my face. I arrived at the car and opened the door , letting myself plonk inside. I started the engine and it purred to life.

I turned the radio on and Tokyo ( Vampire & Wolves) By the Wombats came on. I smiled to myself at the Irony. Human's these days. After half an hour I arrived at school. I parked and shut my car door grabbing my bag , I locked it then walked into the school doors.

All the human boys started staring at me. I couldn't tell you how many times they tried to slap my butt or write their phone number on my hand. I arrived at my locker and one of the Jocks was leaning on it.

" Well , hello there , sexy"  , I raised an eyebrow , then narrowed my eyes at him as I twirled my locker keys around my finger.

" What do you want , Jake?" I asked.

 He groaned " I love it when you say my name" He said smirking. I rolled my eyes.

" I want you to go out with me" He said running his hand through his dirty blonde hair.

" No" I said pushing him out of the way. He stumbled back and I smirked to myself. He stood there staring at me and I locked eyes with him. People always found my grey eyes fascinating , I don't know why? , their just a color like everyone else's.

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