Choko Wakahisa

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((NOTE: Her name means born at Dawn -loose translation- and her last name means forever young-still very loose translation-))

Name: Choko Wakahisa

Age: 16, DOB April 7th

Height: 5'4"

(She looks exactly like the girl on the cover)

[Chapter 1: Choko Wakahisa]

I walked to my class and sat down in the front of the class and heard everyone whispering about me. I bit the inside of my lip, "She seems nice, why don't we go over and talk to her?" I heard some girls say, I let out the breath I never knew I held. "But we shouldn't bother her, she must be scared of her first day, lets wait till tomorrow." I heard a boy said. I smiled and took out a book and began to read about The theory of Relativity. I heard squealing, "Who's that?" I heard a low voice say as if he was trying to whisper. "Her name is Choko Wakahisa, good person but a quite plain." I heard a know it all voice say. I heard them walking near me. "Hello princess." A rose came into my view and I looked up to see a blonde boy with violet eyes. "Hello," I said and closed my book and stood up, "Who might you be?" He asked, "I do believe your friend answered that, but my name is Choko Wakahisa. Nice to meet you." I said and held out my hand. He took it and kissed the top. I bit the inside of my lip, "Tamaki Suoh at your service m'lady." He said and he lifted his head still holding my hand. I shook his hand, "nice to meet you." I said and he began to laugh, at what I didn't know. Probably at me for some odd reason. "Your quite cute," he said and smiled, "I thank you for the complement Suoh-kun." I said and he sat down next to me and the dark one who called my plain sat beside him. "This is my friend Kyoya Ootori, he helps out at the club. You should come sometime." Tamaki said, "Nice to meet you Ootori-kun. A club? Sounds interesting." I said and Kyoya smiled, that smile felt so forced, "yes please do stop by." He said and the bell rang.

It was lunch and I took out my lunch box and sat down at a small cafe table in a brightly lit corner of the room. I ate in silence till something hit my head. I looked down to my table and saw that an apple rolled silently on to the ground. I took it and looked at a pair of twins with blue and pink hair fighting. I got up, grabbed my half empty lunch box, and walked over to them, "I'm sorry but I believe one of you threw this." I said and handed it back to them and began to walk away when I felt something else hit my head. I picked up the apple and placed it on a nearby table. I walked back to the classroom and set my empty lunch box down and felt the soft spot where I was hit. "Hey are you alright? That hit you pretty hard." said a boy with brown hair and dark chocolate eyes. "Yeah. I'm sorry, where are my manners? I'm Choko Wakahisa, second year." I said and he smiled, "I'm Haruhi Fujioka, first year." I smiled as we sat down together in my class as we are the remainder of our lunch, "are you sure your alright?" Haruhi asked and touched the side of my head where I was hit. I smiled, "yes, thank you Fujioka-kun." I said and he blushed, "you can just call me Haruhi," he said and I smiled, "alright, Haruhi." I said and he smiled, "you can call me Choko I if you like." I said and he smiled. "Those twins." I said and he looked at me, "they seem displeased with one another, will they be alright?" I asked and Haruhi shrugged, "this is their first fight, I hope they'll see past this all though." Haruhi said, the bell rang and we waved farewell to one another.

After school I bumped into the blue haired twin. "I apologize, I should have watched where I was going." I said and he looked at me, "your that girl Hikaru accidentally hit..." he muttered and touched my head, I winced and move away from his grasp, "yes, sorry I didn't give your apple back the second time, I just felt it would be safer if I set it on the table." I said and he took my hand, "he's going to apologize to you." He said with determination. We stood outside of a music room and the door opened to reveal the other twin, my only guess is that it would be Hikaru. "Whose she?" He asked in a peeved tone. "This is the girl you hit twice in the head!" Kaoru said and threw something at him. "It's really fine, I don't need any sort of apology from anyone." I said and tried to stop the fighting. They threw stuff at one another till it was a large mountain and they were both out of breath. This fight couldn't go one forever right?

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