9 - Meeting Their Niece/Nephew

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Luke (Age 27):

You made a vow to wait unitl you were married to have kids and your husband completely agreed and stood by your decision. You first child was a beautiful baby girl who most definitely got your eye color. You named her Olivia Liz.

A couple weeks after she was born, there was a family gathering at your mom's house. None of your family had met Olivia yet, just your husband's mother and father. You got her dressed in a super cute outfit and set off to Sydney.

When you arrived, you were met with tight hugs and many gasps, no one could believe how much she looked like you. You finally got to sit down and Luke plopped down next to you, eager to meet his niece for the first time. "So this is Olivia Liz," you said, smiling and handing her gently to Luke. When Luke initially held her, she squirmed and began cry, missing the comfort of your arms. "Hey, hey, it's okay," Luke said as he kissed her head.

She finally settled and he said, "Her eyes are gorgeous, Y/N, they look just like yours." "Well, thank you," you smiled, "and judging by the smile on her face, I think she found her favorite uncle." You and Luke both laughed as Jack and Ben approached you, pouts on their faces.

"Sorry, boys, the girl wants what she wants," Luke said, kissing her forehead.

Michael (Age 24):

You were staying with Michael for the last few weeks of your pregnancy because your husband had to attend to a last minute business issue in the United States. Your husband was due back a few days before your due date and you really wanted him to be there. But your little boy was just so excited that he decided to make his appearance a little bit early.

Michael brought you to the hospital and was the first one to meet your son, Jonah Michael. Michael was brought to tears as soon as he held his nephew close, but even more spilled after you told your brother your son's name.

"Y/N, I'm so honored," he managed to get out. "Hey, Jonah, it's your favorite uncle here. I'm gonna teach you how to play guitar and maybe you'll be even more punk rock than me," Michael said, both of you laughing, "and just you wait, you're only gonna get cuter and some day you'll be coming to me and your dad for girl advice." "Michael!" "What? If he turns out like me, he won't be able to keep the girls away!" You sighed and shook your head.

Michael stayed with you in the hospital and then stayed with you at your house until your husband returned. You really did have an amazing brother.

Calum (Age 19):

Ever since you were raped and got pregnant, Calum was by your side. He helped you tell your parents, took you to all of your appointments, and even let you move in with him. "Cal, I can't thank you enough for everything you've done," you said, rubbing your little girl's tiny hand.

"I would do anything for you, Y/N, now let me meet my little niece." You carefully handed your baby girl to Calum and said, "This is Noelle Joy."

"Well hey there, Noelle. You look a lot like your mommy. You're just so pretty! You're gonna make a guy very happy one day. I'll be here all the time so if you need a boy's advice, you can always come to me. I love you," he said, pressing a gentle kiss to her forehead.

Ashton (Age 22):

'This couldn't be happening,' you thought. You weren't due for another month! But, there was nothing you could do about it, your little boy was coming. You got to the hospital and after you gave birth, you got to hold your baby, only to have him taken away moments later.

You sat in your hospital bed for a while, just crying. You were so worried about your baby boy. What if he got sick or, even worse, didn't survive? You finally cried yourself to sleep and when you woke up, your whole family was there as well as a nurse.

"Y/N, you can see your son now, if you would like," she said. You nodded slowly and Ashton helped you into a wheelchair, pushing you as you both followed the nurse. You entered the NICU and began crying again, hating seeing all the little, helpless babies. You stopped at a small incubator and saw your son laying there, hooked up to many wires and tubes. "A-Ash, I can't do it," you muttered, looking down at your lap. "Y/N, I know this is really hard. But he needs you," Ashton said, pushing up your chin so you were looking at him.

You sighed and then let him push you over to the space where you could reach into the incubator and touch your son. "By the way, Ash, this is Fletcher James." Ashton came over to you, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. "Thank you, Y/N, I'm so honored." You smiled at him and the he talked to his nephew.

"Hey there, bud. It's your Uncle Ash here. I can't wait 'til you get bigger and I can show you how to rock out on the drums and we can play outside all the time. I love you so much and so does your mommy. Welcome to the world, Fletcher."


Hey! Sorry Calum's was really bad, writer's block was really bad. Anyways, thanks everyone for 1.3k reads! ~ Morgan x

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